Euronet ACM and Real-time Monitoring - What's the Payoff
White Papers
White Papers

Euronet ACM and Real-time Monitoring - What's the Payoff

Author(s): Euronet Worldwide
Published By: Euronet Worldwide
Publication date: April 9, 2020

As a channel, the ATM is maturing. Initially the ATM was viewed as just a cash dispenser, but today ATMs play a much broader role within branch transformation and in the banking relationship as a whole. As financial institutions look to the ATM to enhance customer engagement and provide new revenue generating opportunities, significant investments are required to expand the ATM’s capabilities. Justifying this type of investment requires building a business case for an improved customer experience that will increase customer retention, increase revenue, reduce costs, or all the above. This white paper looks at the benefits of real time monitoring for the purpose of analysis of ATM performance and ways to assess the impact of reducing failed ATM transactions as it relates to ROI.

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