ATM fraud is a worldwide challenge, and with the anticipated expansion of both the ATM market and ATM-related crime, the time has come for those organizations whose business operations depend on ATMs to take concerted action at the global level. They are best placed to establish a ‘transmission forum’ for secure ATMs, since no one else can respond as quickly or as directly when it comes to implementing the right counter-measures.

A key benefit of subscribing is to influence the development of new security standards and solutions

People in front of ATMsThe association primarily focuses on the following target groups for subscriptions:

  • Global ATM manufacturers
  • Suppliers, Service Providers and IADs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Security Businesses
  • Other associations

There are currently more than 70 different parties from this group that have expressed interest in joining the association. More than half the parties represent the suppliers, service providers and IADs, while less than 50 percent represent financial institutions. The rest are made up of global ATM manufacturers and other financial industry-related associations.

Five levels of annual subscriptions:

  • Small Business (fewer than 10 employees): $260 p.a.
  • Financial institutions & Independent Deployers: $525 p.a.
  • Security/Software/Cash Management: $1,050 p.a.
  • ATM suppliers/service providers: $2,625 p.a.
  • ATM manufacturers: $5,250 p.a.

Benefits of Subscription:


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If you have questions, please contact David Tente, President, ASA [email protected].

*Not available at the ASA Small Business subscriber level


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