ATMIA Event Policies


Exhibitor/Sponsor/Delegate hereby agrees to abide by these Rules & Regulations for the event they are participating in.


Cancellation Policy


If you are unable to attend the conference, you may substitute a colleague to take your place at no extra charge. However, if sending a replacement isn't possible, the following cancellation terms will apply:

  1. Three weeks or more prior to event - $200USD administration fee will be charged.
  2. Less than 3 weeks prior to event - 25% of original payment will be refunded plus conference download information will be sent.
  3. If a refund is to be issued via check or wire, an additional fee of $100 will be assessed.
  4. One week or less prior to event - no refund, but conference download information link will be sent.
  5. No refunds will be issued if cancellation is received after an event, or if the delegate does not attend the event.

All cancellations must be in writing and refunds, if any, will be issued according to the dates above.

COVID Cancellation Policy

If you are canceling due to COVID and are requesting a refund, you will need to provide proof of a positive COVID test taken within 5 days of the start of the conference.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

In accordance with the following cancellation policy, all cancellations must be received in writing in order to qualify for a refund. Refunds will be based on a sliding scale.  Please note an additional fee of $250 will be assessed if the refund is to be issued by either check or wire.

Timeline: Amount Refunded:
90 or more days prior to the event $1,000 administrative fee will be deducted
45-90 days prior to the event 50% cost of booth/sponsorship
Less than 44 days prior to the event No refund

In the event that ATMIA or the represented organization elects to cancel an event, ATMIA will refund only payment made directly to ATMIA and will not be held responsible for other costs of expenditure incurred by the sponsor/exhibitor. If ATMIA determines that the cancellation was due to an 'act of God' ATMIA will refund the payment made for that event.  ATMIA will not assume additional costs and liability that result from "acts of God" or criminal activity. All refunds will be issued within six weeks of receipt of written cancellation.


Event Registrations

  1. By registering for an ATMIA conference you are agreeing to let ATMIA use any photos, audio, or video recordings taken at our events for any future ATMIA marketing or promotions.
  2. You will receive periodic emails containing essential conference information and important updates pertaining to the event.
  3. Your first name, last name, company and job position will be included in materials relating to the event, including as part of the attendees list displayed on the mobile app.
  4. Please note that all industry professionals at the host venue are expected to be registered for the conference.  ATMIA will not allow individuals or companies that are not registered for the event to mingle around and network “for free”. This is freeloading. Anyone who is observed to be soliciting business in public spaces who is not registered will be asked to leave immediately or to pay the proper registration fee. One doesn’t walk into a cinema without paying for a movie ticket because it’s not ethical.
  5. Badge sharing is not permitted at any ATMIA events. Everyone attending the conference must be registered individually and properly.  Anyone caught badge sharing will either pay the registration fee or be asked to leave.


Exhibitor/Sponsor Policy

  1. Assignment of Exhibit Space:  As a general rule, ATMIA will assign booths on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

    1. ATMIA reserves the right to assign or relocate exhibit areas or reconfigure the exhibition area for the betterment of the show or otherwise in its sole discretion. 

    2. Exhibit space assignment shall be conditional on payment of the deposit and/or in full of all amounts due 2 months prior to the event. 

    3. The exhibit space assigned to exhibitor is for the use of the named exhibitor only.  Exhibit space sharing in whole or in part with any third party is expressly prohibited. 

    4. If after booths are chosen and an exhibit company is not happy with their neighbor, that company will have the opportunity to move to a new unoccupied booth location.  No company will be asked to move due to another company being unhappy with the other. 

  2. Exhibitor Badges:  All exhibitor badges issued by ATMIA for exhibitors shall be for the sole use of exhibitor personnel identified in advance to ATMIA. 

    1. Sharing of badges is not allowed.

    2. As per ATMA Membership Code of Conduct ATMIA member benefits are nontransferable and cannot be shared.  ATMIA member benefits are for ATMIA member companies and their employees only, and may not be made available to others, including other organizations that ATMIA member companies or their employees are affiliated with. Subsidiary and Affiliate companies of an active ATMIA member company will be required to hold their own membership, in their company’s name, to access ATMIA member benefits, since they are registered as separate legal entities. A subsidiary and affiliate company is defined as: a company that is controlled and at least partially owned by another company (this includes both holding & parent companies). 

    3. Exhibitor passes must be use only on staff from the exhibiting company or the company that purchased the booth.  

    4. Bank Passes: If your company is allotted bank passes with your exhibit or sponsor package, these passes must be use for banks only.  It does not include companies that provide a service or product to a bank or financial institution.  

  3. Terms of Payment:  Any registration submitted to ATMIA must be accompanies by the appropriate payment based on the amount due.  Returned checked will result in a $50.00 returned check fee and all future payments by the exhibiting company must be by cash, credit card or certified check.

  4. Insurance:  Exhibitor and its independent contractors each agree to obtain and maintain appropriate commercial liability insurance for the event to cover equipment, staff and any accidents that may happen involving exhibits.

  5. Operation of Exhibits: Displays in exhibit spaces must be designed and operated in a manner that respects the rights of other exhibitors and attendees.  Displays shall not be designed in a manner that will block a neighboring exhibitor or extend into an aisle or common space.  All marketing material must remain in the designed booth location and can’t be distributed onto items in the exhibit hall such as tables or chairs, food displays, etc.  If this occurs, ATMIA reserves the right to remove that exhibitor or discard the marketing items. 

  6. Security:  Security will be provided by the hotel and the exhibit hall will be locked during non-conference hours.  While show management exercises reasonable care in safeguarding your property, neither ATMIA nor any of their officers, agents, or employees assume responsibility for such property.  Do not leave unpacked display materials unattended.  Securely fasten all lightweight high-theft-risk items to display boards or lock in showcases.  Personal items of value should never be left unattended (esp. handbags, phones, and laptops).  During move-out, exhibitors should remain with their goods and merchandise until it is picked up or receipted for in a designated storage area. 


ATMIA Code of Conduct

ATMIA member benefits are nontransferable and cannot be shared.  ATMIA member benefits are for ATMIA member companies and their employees only, and may not be made available to others, including other organizations that ATMIA member companies or their employees are affiliated with.

Subsidiary and Affiliate companies of an active ATMIA member company will be required to hold their own membership, in their company’s name, to access ATMIA member benefits, since they are registered as separate legal entities. A subsidiary and affiliate company is defined as: a company that is controlled and at least partially owned by another company (this includes both holding & parent companies).  For the complete ATMIA Membership Code of Conduct please visit:


Scam offers for the ATMIA list and hotels are rampant and we can do nothing to stop them except to educate you.  PLEASE BE AWARE of any too good to be true offer. To protect your company, know the facts:

  1. We do NOT sell our attendee lists EVER. Any offers to buy our attendee list are a scam.
  2. We NEVER call to ask you for your credit card to make a payment. You are welcome to call us anytime to make a payment but do NOT give your credit card to any one calling who says they are from ATMIA.
  3. Companies posing as third party ATMIA housing providers offering hotel reservation services for this or any ATMIA event have not been authorized to contact you. Making a reservation though one of these organizations may result in you not having a room reservation and fraudulent charges on your credit card. If you need to book hotel rooms, please book them only through this website or by contacting the the hotel directly. Please report any suspicious and unsolicited offers to Dana Benson.
  4. If the email looks suspicious, delete it! When in doubt, call or email us. We respond quickly and are always happy to talk to you.


Conference Speakers

ATMIA invites anyone to submit a topic for a conference.  A Call for Speakers is sent out by email and social media aproximately 6-10 months prior to the conference.  All submissions are reveiwed by ATMIA staff and conference committee. Topics are selected based on the topic and how it relates to the industry, theme of the conference and the delegates.  No sales or product/company promotion is allowed.  ATMIA greatly appreciates speakers donating their time and knowledge; however, we do not reimburse or pay for a speaker’s travel or accommodations. Those companies within the industry that would like a speaking slot will be required to support the conference by exhibiting and/or sponsoring. Taking a sponsorship or exhibit booth does not guarantee speaking slot. 


Suitcasing Policy

ATMIA appreciates the support of our attendees and sponsors at our industry events.  As such we are increasing measures to protect our events from the opportunistic and unprofessional practice of suitcasing/outboarding.  ATMIA has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding suitcasing. Suitcasing is a parasitic business practice where companies gain access to an event and solicit business in the aisles or other public spaces used for the conference, attempting to gain commercial value from a business event to which they contribute nothing thereby undermining the overall value for paying sponsors, exhibitors and delegates. This practice undermines the event and the industry.  ATMIA recognizes that suitcasing may also take place in a hotel guest room, hospitality suite, restaurant, or any other public place in proximity to our event. For the purposes of this policy, suitcasing violations may occur at venues other than the exhibition floor and at other events. It is for this reason ATMIA must be informed of any hospitality suites, and expressed consent must be given prior to the event.


Third Party Events During ATMIA Conferences/Tradeshows

ATMIA limits the number of 3rd party events during the hours of an ATMIA event.  All of these events must be approved by ATMIA staff.  This is done to keep the delegates attending the speakers/sessions/workshops/exhibit hall that have been planned by ATMIA.  If a company requests to host a private meeting or event during an ATMIA conference, they must exhibit or sponsor at that conference.  If the event takes place during the hours of the ATMIA conference, the event will have less than 10 people incluing the hosts.  An event after before or after hours of the ATMIA scheduled conference will still need to be approved but is not limited to a specific number of people. 


Third Party Marketing

ATMIA will from time to time use 3rd party advertisers to market the event.  One company we are currently using is NextRoll.  This company may place cookies on your browsers fro argeted advertising pruposes.  We collect information such as IP address cookie identifiers or other tracking technology such as pixels, and end-user website activity.  NextRoll's privacy policy can be found at 


Visa Support Letters

ATMIA will be pleased to provide a visa support letter provided certain conditions are met:

  1. Letters will only be provided if the attendee’s registration has been completed and fees paid in full.  We are unable to provide a visa support letter with any invoiced attendee fees remaining outstanding.
  2. Please contact Brita Price at [email protected] or +1 605-271-8494 for assistance with your visa support letter and for a full list of requirements.
  3. In case of a visa refusal, any attendee fees paid will be refunded in full upon presentation of the official documentation from the applicable embassy/consulate/high commission confirming the visa has been refused.   For all other attendee cancellations, portions of  fees will only be returned as per our Cancellation Policy.

  4. Other helpful information can be found on our International Visitors website here:


COVID-19 Disclaimer

ATMIA Conferences, active for over two decades, has taken enhanced health and safety measures for our events in the pandemic, and beyond, with your health interests in mind. Please note that you should follow all the association’s public health instructions while attending ATMIA events. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are gathered in groups. It is well-known that COVID-19 is a contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

By attending ATMIA events, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.  We urge you to comply with our public health guidelines during this event – so that we can all do our best to prevent any unnecessary spread of infections.



ATMIA uses reasonable efforts to market its events and attract attendees but does not guarantee specific levels of attendance at the conference.  ATMIA makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding attendance levels at hosted events.



If a dispute arising out of or related to this agreement cannot be settled through negotiation, then the parties shall first try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation through a commercially recognized mediation body to be agreed upon by the parties before resorting to any other dispute resolution procedure including but not limited to arbitration or litigation.  ATMIA will not be liable for any fees associated with mediation for the exhibitor.


Personally Identifiable Information

During the event registration process, you have the option to enhance your networking experience by choosing to share your personal information, including your Name, Job Title, Email Address, Phone Number, and profile photo, with fellow attendees. This shared information will be visible on the event website and the ATMIA Conferences mobile app, fostering connections and collaboration. While we encourage information sharing, it is entirely voluntary, and you can modify your preferences at any time through our user-friendly website or app. You may also contact our staff with any questions at [email protected] and we will respond in a timely manner.

Because we value the privacy of our attendees, and as part of our commitment to data security, all personally identifiable information associated with attendees is automatically removed from the event website and mobile app 30 days after the conclusion of the event. This proactive measure ensures that your personal information is retained only for the duration necessary to support the event's purpose and collaborative networking. Should you decide to cancel your registration, rest assured that we promptly remove your personal information from both the event website and mobile app.