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WEBINAR: ATM Developments in India Webinar

September 8, 2021
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM (America/Chicago) - Add Time Zone
Erika Navarrete
+01322 339273
[email protected]

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When one of the largest ATM markets in the world meets the most exciting technological advance in our industry since the invention of the ATM just over 50 years ago, one can expect a huge wave of innovation to follow! Join ATMIA and the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, with over 400 companies from 56 countries, to explore what this new API App model for ATMs can mean to the future of ATMs in India, and to investments in the new technology platform. 

Beginning with an overview of the progress of this future-proofing project for the global ATM industry by ATMIA’s CEO, Mike Lee, founder of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, the webinar then hears from three respected industry leaders in India, Thyagrajan Shesadri, Strategic and Business Advisor & Evangelist, EPS, Shri V.G. Kannan, former Managing Director, State Bank of India ( Largest Bank in India) and former Chief Executive of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and Manohar Bhoi, President of Technology, EPS. Following this inside look at how the new technology ecosystem could impact the massive ATM market in India from these experts, the award-winning technical advisor for Next Gen ATMs, Marcel Ficken, will report back on the technology evolution of ATMs and on the latest Next Gen certifications from both Fintech and Big Tech companies. This is a highly relevant educational opportunity not to be missed by industry professionals interested in the promising future of India’s ATMs.