US Conference 2021

NextGen ATMs - A New Path to a Transformative Future

February 3 - 5, 2021

Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - Las Vegas, NV

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If you experience difficulties registering or quesitons about sponsoring, contact Dana Benson at 605-582-7058.

ATMIA members receive discounts when exhibiting at this event. If you have questions about membership, please contact Amber Howell ([email protected]) at 1-605-692-2263 or Sharon Lane ([email protected]) at +1-605-271-7371.

If you experience difficulties registering, or have questions about exhibiting contact Dana Benson at 605-582-7058. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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45-90 days prior to the event 50% cost of booth/sponsorship
Less than 44 days prior to the event No refund

In the event that ATMIA or the represented organization elects to cancel an event, ATMIA will refund only payment made directly to ATMIA and will not be held responsible for other costs of expenditure incurred by the sponsor/exhibitor. ATMIA will not refund payment or assume additional costs and liability that result from "acts of God" or criminal activity. All refunds will be issued within six weeks of receipt of written cancellation.

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