COVID-19: The Business Interruption Guide to Calculating Economic Damages
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White Papers

COVID-19: The Business Interruption Guide to Calculating Economic Damages

Author(s): Lowers Risk Group
Published By: Lowers Risk Group
Publication date: April 3, 2020

A Forensic Accounting Perspective on the Expected Increase in Business Interruption Claims Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic The insurance industry is bracing itself as concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have intensified with an increasing number of cases reported across the globe. In preparation for the potential increase in BI claim volume related to COVID-19, we are pleased to be able to offer insight from our executives about specific industries and the nuances we have seen over our careers. There is much more to consider, but we know that being proactive and prepared is the key to success in this disruptive situation. In order to provide timely and accurate claims resolution, each industry and each business must be analyzed based on the unique scenarios they face in the wake of this pandemic. We have identified 7 key industries that we feel will be most impacted by COVID-19. In this guide, our subject matter experts outline the potential impact, insights, and key considerations to help you better support your policyholders.

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