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Payment of annual ATMIA Membership dues affirms that we/I do hereby pledge to maintain sound and fair business practices, to meet local regulatory requirements, and to encourage the pursuit of best practices which we have assessed to be applicable to our particular business area, while operating as a member of the ATM Industry Association. Every member company pledges to abide by the fair business standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing membership in ATMIA.

ATMIA member benefits are nontransferable and cannot be shared. ATMIA member benefits are for ATMIA member companies and their employees only, and may not be made available to others, including other organizations that ATMIA member companies or their employees are affiliated with. Consequently, as a further condition of membership, member companies will not share, and will take all necessary steps to ensure that their employees will not share, any ATMIA benefits, including but not limited to Best Practice Manuals, the ATMIA member database, training materials, industry reports, discussion papers, webinar links or their logins with a non-member company/person, as well as materials licensed to ATMIA, such as regulatory compliance information provided by Stateside Associates or EFTA. Failure to adhere to this prohibition may result in member discipline, up to and including termination. ATMIA members agree to refer any requests for information by non-members to Sharon Lane at

Former ATMIA Members may not rejoin ATMIA using a discount / promo code within 13 months of expiration as part of our best business practice and ATMIA’s member loyalty program.

In so doing, we/I believe these business practices will not in any way bring the reputation of the ATM industry into disrepute, nor intentionally damage the general public and business confidence in the ATM as a self-service delivery channel. Rather, we/I believe that our business practices contribute to the growth, health and general good-will prevailing in the ATM industry.

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Would you like to make a contribution to an ATMIA Industry Fund today?

Thank you for your contribution to the U.S. Defense Fund! These contributions help ATMIA USA provide important compliance and advocacy services to all of our members. As regulatory burdens surge for all ATM operators, it becomes increasingly important – and more challenging – to stay informed about current and impending compliance requirements. ATMIA significantly expanded the free compliance services available to all of its members, which now include:

  • ATM compliance profiles for all 50 states and Washington , D.C.
  • State ATM regulatory alerts
  • State ATM legislative alerts
  • Federal legislative and regulatory analysis

In addition, ATMIA serves as an advocate for its members and the industry on a wide variety of issues and concerns, such as:

  • Advocating for the lifting of restrictions on variable surcharging
  • Seeking regulatory changes that will give transaction routing choice to ATM operators
  • Advocating for the transition of EMV to an open, public standard
  • Serving as a ‘friend of the court’ in important legal matters, such as recent antitrust cases

For more information on any of these issues, or to find out more about the many working committee groups that ATMA supports, please contact USA Executive Director, David Tente. And thank you again for your support of the U.S. Defense Fund.

Thank you for your contribution to the ATMIA Advocacy Fund! Your contributions help ATMIA Canada region provide important compliance and Public relations transparent to the consumer. Your GRC enlists the services of Hill & Knowlton to monitor industry issues, which protects all ATM operators. Issues around regulatory burdens and negative media reporting, become increasingly important – and more challenging – to stay informed about current and impending compliance requirements. ATMIA, GRC Keeps its members ahead of the curve to ensure potentially major issues are kept in check as to protect its members. Media and Regulators are monitored from Coast to Coast as necessary to ensure local territorially concerns are contained and do not become wide spread, for example MSABA in Quebec or illegal Pot shops in British Columbia. We encourage all members to report any activity which may impact our industry.

For more information on any of these issues, or to find out more about the many working committee groups that ATMA supports, please contact Executive Director Curt Binns and thank you again for your support of the Canada Advocacy Fund.

The purpose of this fund is to employ legal resources to defend, represent and promote the national market and/or European interests of the ATM industry, for the protection of all its members. The Fund is restricted to use for members of the ATMIA only.

The purpose of this fund is to further support the development of industry-wide customer education and ATM network-building programs in emerging markets and to facilitate trade and business networking between established and emerging ATM markets. The Fund is restricted to use for members of the ATMIA only.

The purpose of this fund is to sponsor worldwide industry research to provide the most up-to-date information and assessment of current trends in the market, to give ATMIA Members a competitive edge to ensure that their strategic thinking is in line with the industry big picture.

We Need Your Support!
WCW was created to promote cash withdrawals from ATMs, in order to fuel consumer cash spending. It is a volunteer organization with primary goals of increasing ATM transaction volume; gaining mindshare to regard cash as the #1 payment vehicle for consumer spending; helping consumers realize the benefits of using cash to improve financial condition; responding to the war-on-cash media efforts; and improving ATM industry visibility.

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