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The European Commission is organising a public consultation on the topic of the Digital Euro. Here is the consultation document  

In particular, see part “3. MAKING THE DIGITAL EURO AVAILABLE FOR RETAIL USE WHILE CONTINUING TO SAFEGUARD THE LEGAL TENDER STATUS OF EURO CASH” and its section “3.2. The legal tender status of euro cash”.

Celebrating 25 years of shaping the ATM Industry

For 25 years, the ATM Industry Association has been diligently working to advance the interests of the industry and provide real value for our members. Whether it be our conferences, webinars or industry resources, ATMIA is dedicated to providing members with the tools they need to succeed.

One benefit we would like to remind everyone of is: 

Member Referral - New members save 20% off fee and referring company can get up to $50 per referral off of their membership dues. Companies can find their member code to provide companies at -  

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ATMIA Letter to the HM Treasury 

Click here to read the letter to HM Treasury from ATMIA on preserving cash access in the UK.

Member of the Month 

November and December 2022  - CASHFLOWS

In 2010 the Cashflows brand was created. Following authorisation from the FCA as an electronic money institution in 2011, they became one of the first independent UK payments institutions to be accepted as a principal member of both Visa and Mastercard. They’ve been offering merchant account services to customers across the European Economic Area (EEA) ever since.

From the beginning, Cashflows has made a significant investment in infrastructure to deliver an industry-leading payments platform. Their cloud-based solution is highly cost-effective, fast, scalable and secure.

They’re not a one-size-fits-all payments processor. They value partnership and their growth has been fuelled by their willingness to adapt to customer needs and their ability to partner for success. It’s these philosophies that helped them get onto the Fast Track 100 ladder in 2018.

Cashflows has continued to invest heavily in people, including targeted appointments from key players in the industry.

They rejoined in 2022 but were Europe Regional Sponsors for 3 years prior to that.

When asked a few questions, Cashflows had this to say:

What is the key value you and your company want to get out of ATMIA in the year ahead?

It is the whole package: we’re looking forward to the great content, the great connections and of course, the events


What does your firm feel is the one or more of the key benefits of your ATMIA Membership?

It has to be the ability to bring key players in the market into face-to-face meeting and networking opportunities. Even after COVID and with the rise of remote working and meeting, there’s nothing that quite beats sitting down together to talk business, the market and shared interests


Do you attend and find value in our Events?

Very much so, for the reasons stated above. We were pleased this year to have a stand, where we met many people from across the industry and created some very interesting leads. We also got the chance to present our new white paper ‘Reducing Costs for ATM Businesses’ to the most relevant audience possible. We look forward to working with ATMIA to ensure even more key market players, from banks to IADs, are in the European Summit in 2023


Would you provide a basic quote on the value of belonging to ATMIA since 2017 please?

ATMIA membership provides a wealth of content and learning opportunities, but it is the connections and the opportunities to meet face-to-face that we have found most useful. The European Summit was a great opportunity for us to get our name out there, make meaningful new contacts (and not only in Europe, but beyond), as well as re-connecting with some old faces


Special Member Offer!!


Become an ATMIA Webinar Sponsor

ATMIA offers live and on-demand webinars to provide interactive and media-rich presentations on current and hot topics for the ATM industry.

We invite you to participate and help us provide the industry original, essential, topical and unbiased information. Webinars will be presented via a web-based tool with an audio component as well. Sessions are 60 minutes and can be attended from your office.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

Increase your marketing exposure to the ATM industry on a regional and international level

  • Place yourself as a thought leader for the ATM industry
  • Gain contact information from registered attendees
  • Continue to receive contact information for leads from the replay of your webinar, on-demand

If you are interested in taking advantage of the great sponsorship opportunity, please contact Amber Howell at [email protected], +1 605 692 2263 or Erika Navarrete at e[email protected], + 44 1322 339 273. 


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We are calling all members to submit stories or press releases for our Europe newsletter.

The story can be about more or less anything you choose: a general update on your organisation; a new product; a new market entered; etc,etc.

An ideal package is 250 -300 words (supplied as a text only file, without any images), plus either a company logo and/or photograph (supplied as a separate .jpg or .png file), along with your website address and any contact details you are happy to use.

2 to 3 will be featured every month in our newsletter, and the rest will be posted on our website or will be featured next month.

Please send all articles to Erika Navarrete at [email protected]

We look forward to receiving your stories!


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