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MEMBER OF THE MONTH Member of the Month

September/October Member of the Month:   Cash Wave has accomplished some dynamic achievements in the field of ATM and Financial Technology. They are operating as the first independent switch in Canada. Product specifications are designed according to the consumer’s needs and demands in the ATM Industry, with a deep focus on Canada. MBE was established in 1996 and has operated in the field of E-commerce for 24 years, made up of a group of sixteen diverse businesses. Within the FinTech market segment, they are specialists in ATM and POS, operating as MBE ATM and MBE POS.  MBE ATM operates all across Ontario, with more than 2,000 ATMs.  Cash Wave is the best way in Canada to interact for cash handling, transaction and reporting analysis. Key features of the system include Agent Support, Cash Loading, Investment Plan, Merchant Account and Report Analysis.

Industry highlights 


Advocacy Spotlight

Anti-cash statements during COVID-19 outbreak

In the midst of the initial COVID-19 outbreak, Quebec Director of Public Health and Assistant Deputy Minister, Mr. Horacio Arruda, publicly warned against using cash as it could spread COVID-19. While ATMIA appreciates he is under pressure dealing with the health crisis, and fully support his broader message of individual diligence to reduce the spread of COVID-19, these words were reckless and further and unnecessarily undermined the economy in a time of crisis.

On the same day, the Bank of Canada clearly stated: “The risks posed from handling Canadian banknotes are no greater than those posed by touching other common surfaces such as doorknobs, kitchen counters and handrails.” (see full statement here:

ATMIA asked that Mr. Arruda immediately correct his statements and for the Federal and Provincial Finance Ministers, and all merchant and business groups to step up immediately and join us and the Bank of Canada to ensure that any risks of cash are put in honest context for Canadians and that we are not further undermining the economy and chances of economic recovery by letting these unfounded and reckless comments take hold in the media and minds of Canadians.

Letters were sent to the Finance and Health ministers of each province and federal government, cautioning them to not drive a loss in confidence in cash or it will slow the recovery.  They were signed off on by ATMIA Canada Executive Director, David Tente and ATMIA Canada Regional Board Co-chair, Chris Chandler.  Hill and Knowlton was instrumental in helping ATMIA Canada turn around these letters and ensure that the future discussion around cash is driving a return to consumer confidence – and merchant’s enthusiastic acceptance of cash post COVID-19.

Responses have been received from Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Saskachewan.

OPP flyers  discouraging ATM deployment

The Ontario Provincial Police, the police force for the largest province in Canada, had a regional unit send out flyers discouraging businesses from hosting ATMs in their businesses. The flyer was overly negative and said ATMs were not worth the risk and did not bring in enough money to warrant hosting one in your business.

H+K reached out to the OPP on ATMIA's behalf and tracked down where this flyer came from. What made it complicated was that the flyer was not created in their communications department and had not followed the correct process for approvals. After a fair bit of searching and outreach, they discovered that the Western Region, representing communities west of Toronto, like London, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo had taken it upon themselves to distribute these flyers after a rash of the thefts.

H+K arranged a call with the OPP inspector tasked with oversight, and compiled comments from ATMIA to design a new flyer that had approved ATM safety language. They have now taken these comments and created a new draft. Their ultimate focus is safety, and while there is still a tone of risk, all of the comments that explicitly discouraged hosting ATMs have been removed, and an emphasis has been put on preventative actions.

We also were adamant that the OPP acknowledge the problem with their initial flyer. In response, the OPP sent us an apologetic letter and a committment to work with us in the future. 

Copies of the OPP letter and the revised flyer are available for review and download.

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