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  • Europe Newsletter - October 2021
    As the last quarter of 2021 unfolds, it’s time to reflect on how much of an improvement this year has been compared to last year, in terms of both the welfare of the industry and of ATMIA, as its preeminent not-for-profit trade association. The difference between 2020 and 2021 is like the difference between day and night.

    I can say that ATMIA has bounced back strongly after last year’s zero net growth. We ended 2020 with zero net new company members, as the number of new members exactly equalled the number of members we lost, mostly due to the pandemic. So far this year we have seen over 45 net new company members joining. For a member-centric association, this expansion of our based of company members is a key indicator of growth, along with other, equally positive, financial indicators, such as record-level donations to our advocacy fund to cover the costs of implementing our popular ATM & Cash Revival Plan. 

    As for our industry itself, we’ve seen a bounce-back in cash withdrawals and cash use (much as we did following the 2008-9 financial crisis), especially compared to the dire impacts of the first wave of the pandemic and the initial lockdowns. With bank branches continuing to decline, and ATMs performing well as phygital devices – a blend of the physical and the digital-electronic – the strategic importance of ATMs for financial services has increased, too, and we can look forward to a time when ATMs will maintain their dominance as the preeminent self-service channel. While McKinsey has forecast global payments revenue to reach $2.5 trillion by 2025, up from $1.9 trillion currently, Global Industry Analysts, Inc, predict the global ATM market will grow at a CAGR of 5.8% up to 2026 to reach a value of US$27.7 Billion, up from US$19.5 Billion in 2020. In my view, these positive forecasts are justified. I know from chairing the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs for the past few years, with over 400 companies in 56 countries participating in this future-proofing project, that there is a wave of innovation coming over the horizon soon, as this new API App model for ATMs unleashes new functionality, richer customer experiences, increased speed-to-market for new products and services and vendor-agnostic APIs for global interoperability. It was truly a milestone in our industry when NCR certified as Next Gen ready earlier this year. 

    2021 was the year in which the ATM industry bounced back and prepared for a post-pandemic boom.

    Huge strides have been made in protecting ATMs, too. Security solutions and security best practices have dramatically lowered the incidences of successful black box and malware attacks against ATMs. This year ATMIA and the ATM Security Association jointly launched the industry’s first-ever global-scale ATM crime database, called the Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) which is able to interrogate hundreds of recorded global ATM crime incidents to pinpoint the most prevalent forms of attack, exporting data into user-friendly graphs, tables, charts and spreadsheets. Law enforcement agencies have started to input ATM crime data into the system. This powerful tool will enable the security sector, along with law enforcement, to base our countermeasures and joint actions on real-time intelligence. 

    Thank you so much for your support, without which this year would not have been a year of revival for the industry and for ATMIA!

  • September 2021

    Thank you for supporting your industry association as well as the industry we serve. Your support is deeply valued because it has enabled ATMIA to get through the economic challenges of the pandemic and to begin growing strongly again this year as we plan for a positive future together, based on our vision for an ATM and Cash Revival. We have had the best ever advocacy donations this year and our net new company member growth is up from zero in 2020 to 46 net new companies so far this year – extraordinary!

    As a whole, the ATM industry is in a stronger position now to be ready for the post-pandemic world and can easily adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour we’ve witnessed during the past 18 months of this crisis. The Next Gen API App model for ATMs is now live, with certifications for Next Gen products and services already underway (see Certified Products Page). We have linked the ATM to the consumer’s mobile phone and created a set of standard API interfaces for global interoperability, with huge potential for rich, app-based customer experiences at the ATM.

    Join us on the Next Gen ATM journey into the future by filling out this confidential Journey Tracker:

    Next Gen ATM Journey Tracker
    Read Marcel Ficken’s guide to the Next Gen Journey here and check out the business case, identifying 47 opportunities for cost-savings or new revenue streams here. The Toolkit, or Matrix, presents the business case for each stakeholder segment of the ATM industry, providing budget worksheets for calculating the potential Return on Investment that can be achieved by embracing in this new API APP model for ATMs, with its standard API interfaces.

    Supporting the Business Case Matrix are interactive financial worksheets that will enable you to calculate the potential long-term Return on Investment (ROI), to strengthen budget requests for implementation of NextGen.   

    If you are ready to get certified and to wear the badge of industry certification with pride, go to the online self-certification system.

    Meanwhile, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association are preparing the industry for an expected uptick in ATM crime when lockdowns and travel restrictions are eased by providing a new global database of ATM crime, called the Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System, which currently has 526 recorded incidents from around the world and has a user-friendly interface for inputting data and exporting it in tables, charts and reports. In addition, we provide a Risk Register for emerging types of attack occurring in other sectors or channels but not yet in the ATM channel, as well as a whole library of security best practices. You can be proactive by ensuring your protections and best practices are in place for the current and emerging threats.  

    We best serve the industry by reinforcing its protections, future-proofing its technologies and systems and advocating for a revival of ATMs and cash in the months and years ahead.

  • Europe Newsletter - June/July 2021
    It’s great to be part of an industry which has taken the time and trouble to future-proof its technology so that we can adapt to the changing behaviours and expectations of consumers and maintain our relevance to society. Certified Next Gen ATM products and services are starting to roll off the production line in a reinvention of our whole industry ecosystem. At the same time, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association (ASA) have joined forces to launch and manage a Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) to track crime and fraud trends, which will enable us to stay one step ahead of evolving crime. Together, the forces of innovation, through Next Gen, and protection, through the CCMIS, will stand us in good stead going forward.

    Even as the world gradually returns to normal and aims for the post-pandemic phase, the ATM industry is already ready for growth and expansion in order to ensure that the ATM remains the preeminent self-service channel for a new generation of users.

  • Europe Newsletter - May 2021
    What a time we live in – full of crises, but also filled with opportunities!  The world has gained some control of the pandemic, through the application of science, and this public health crisis will soon be in full retreat. Things have changed since covid-19 began, however. There is more online shopping, more zoom meetings, less travel and millions now working from home for most of the week. In short, it’s become a more digital world.

    Our ATM industry and ATMIA have been very hard at work, during the crisis, preparing for the future and I believe we’re fully ready to retain the ATM as the preeminent channel for self-service banking for many, many years to come. Consider the following developments. The very first certifications for Next Gen ATMs are in the pipeline as we speak, inaugurating a new API App model for ATMs. This is the culmination of a multi-year global project involving unprecedented consensus across all markets and all sectors of the industry. And, this week, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association jointly launched the world’s first global-scale Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) to cover all types of crime attacks against ATMs and to provide a hub for any crisis which impacts the industry, whether a future pandemic, an environmental disaster or even a war. Earlier this week, I submitted my report to the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), set up to ensure continued access to, and acceptance of, cash in the euro area for the future, as part of the Eurosystem’s Cash 2030 strategy. In the US, bipartisan support continues to grow rapidly for banning cashless retail establishments in the US.

  • March 2021

    We can never give up. The pandemic has tested our resilience as an industry and as an association. Thanks to the support of members worldwide, and the unshakeable belief in the value of our ATM businesses and services which are provided daily to millions of accountholders, we’ve continued to recover from the initial losses of lockdown, whilst building our future with the global launch of ATM 2.0, an API App model for future-proof ATMs. 

    Read more in this month's newsletter!

  • February 2021

    Thank you for being part of a special industry which has served the public for over five decades, providing access to cash and a variety of value-added financial services, to millions upon millions of cardholders.

    Read more in this month's newsletter!

  • January 2021

    Thank you for being part of our worldwide family of members and for contributing to the welfare of the industry in which we all share. We live in unprecedented times which call for an even greater togetherness, as we endeavour to deal with the challenges we face, keep our industry secure and future-proof our amazing technology so we stay relevant to the customers of today and tomorrow. 

    Read more in this month's newsletter!

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  • June 2020

    ATMIA Launches an ATM and Cash Revival Plan for COVID-19 and Beyond

    ATMIA announced the launch of an ATM and Cash Revival Plan for an ATM industry hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “We have listened to our members who told us all their COVID-19 pain points in our recent survey and we are now committed to a series of actions aimed at starting an industry revival,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs.

    The advocacy plan has two prongs, a Cash Revival Plan and an ATM Revival Plan.

    Read full article.

  • May 2020

    A Time for Post-Pandemic Reinvention

    While COVID-19 turns the world upside-down, the industry is working hard behind the scenes, not just to keep access to cash and other ATM services going at the frontlines of the pandemic but to reinvent the ATM and position our industry for future growth. I can think of three global projects, for example, which can and will revolutionize our industry: (i) the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, which now has 329 companies worldwide participating in the future-proofing exercise to create a new interoperable API App model for ATMs; (ii) the ATM Security Association has outlined the requirements to build a global Crime Intelligence System for the ATM industry and (iii) and a new vendor-agnostic XFS standard called XFS4IoT is being drafted as we speak.

  • April 2020

    Cash matters – now, more than ever, in the time of coronavirus

    Groups representing the currency, ATM, transportation and security sectors call on governments, central banks, media, business and society to stand up for cash to protect the resilience of the existing payment ecosystem and ensure vulnerable groups are not deprived of the only means of payment that is available to all. Cash is safe: we should stop stigmatising its users.

    Read full article.

  • March 2020

    Cash is Strong in a Crisis – the Role of ATMs in the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Currently, the coronavirus pandemic is nowhere near peaking and many economies, markets and societies around the world are starting to buckle under the strain of this spreading health crisis and the drastic measures taken to stop it in its tracks. 

    Meanwhile, the people surrounding the cash industry continue to work hard to ensure that citizens have access to funds during this critical time.  ATMs and cash have always served an important function during other crises and emergencies in the world. 

    Read full article.

  • February 2020
    There are four important numbers to consider right now: 2020. ATMIA has designated 2020 as the year of our future because the five year long global project to create a new API App model for ATMs will reach fruition as we develop, test and launch the online self-certification system for the new ecosystem. The Next Gen ATM will integrate ATMs and the mobile phone to create better customer experiences and enable faster and more convenient access to cash and a range of digital services.

  • January 2020
    In this edition, we look forward to a bright new year of change with, of course, 20/20 vision!

  • December 2019
    In this issue: revel in ATMIA Europe’s best wishes for Christmas - and get a glimpse of 2020!

  • November 2019
    Read all about the stunning success of the Rome Summit; getting ready for Berlin; a new bank member of ATMIA Europe; events impacting Payment Choice; and much more!

  • October 2019
    In this edition, looking forward to the Rome Summit; more new members join ATMIA Europe; how the ATMIA is campaigning for ATMs & cash around Europe; important new Press Releases; and, of course, much, much more!

  • September 2019
    In this edition even MORE about the Rome Summit; how the ATMIA campaign for cash deposit ATMs is gaining support; and important new Press Releases; and, of course, much, much more!

  • August 2019
    In this edition discover why you will need at least three coins in October; read about cash recovering in Sweden; find out how a tireless advocate is thwarting the anti-cash brigade in Europe; and - of course - much, much more!

  • July 2019
    In this bright and breezy edition, read about FREE ATMIA European Seminars; the Rome Summit; all things Advocacy; and the latest of news from ATMIA Members!

  • June 2019
    This sparkling edition contains more news on our Rome ATM & Payments Innovation Summit; new ATMIA members; great work on advocacy; and news from a number of ATMIA members.

  • May 2019
    In this edition read about the Charter for Payment Choice; the Rome ATM & Payments Innovation Summit; Member of the Month PWG; European Advocacy; and much, much, more.

  • April 2019
    Read about the Europe ATM & Payment Innovations Summit (Rome, 15 to 17 October 2019); find out more about our excellent Member of the Month, Feerica; get an Advocacy update on the work the ATMIA is doing to guarantee free access to cash at UK ATMs.

  • March 2019
    In this edition: latest news on Europe ATM & Payments Innovation Summit (Rome, October 2019); update on all ATMIA European Advocacy; the launch of The Charter for Cash; we announce our European Member of the Month for March, Auriga; and much, much more!

  • February 2019
    In this issue read about ATMIA Europe’s main event in 2019, which will be staged in Rome during October; learn about our Member of the Month, SBS; engage with the ATMIA’s innovative Career Centre; and absorb all the Advocacy in which the ATMIA engages around Europe.

  • January 2019
    In this issue, read about all ATMIA Europe’s work on Advocacy, along with important news from several European members. Happy New Year!

  • December 2018
    This issue includes a Call for Speakers for the European 2019 Summit; news on LINK in the UK; an update on Payment Choice in Sweden; and a Merry Christmas to all!

  • November 2018
    In this months edition: a report on the wonderful ATMIA Summit in Magnificent Madrid; the Member of the Month is announced for November; news about the Swedish Central Bank calling for a halt to the rush towards a cashless society; find out more about the ATMIA’s great new career service.

  • October 2018

  • September 2018

  • August 2018

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