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  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – November 2023

    In this edition:

    • Update from Executive Director, Erika Navarrate
      • Eventful and transformative year for the Europe and Emerging Markets regions
    • Advocacy Article: Will we see a future that's not just cashless – but also cardless?
    • Member of the Month: Oberthur Cash Protection, OCP
    • ATMIA award deadline approaching – December 1!
    • Upcoming Conference: US 2024
    • Featured Consultant: Douglas Russell 
    • and more 
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – October 2023

    In this issue:

    • Update from Erika Navarrete, Executive Director
      • Celebrating the Triumph of the Europe and Emerging Markets ATMs and Cash Summit
    • Advocacy Update: ATMIAs first appearance at Mint and Print conference a success
    • Member of the Month: Fidelity Bank of Ghana, Emerging Markets
    • ATMIA Award Nominations Open
    • and more
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – September 2023

    In this issue: 

    • Update from Erika Navarrete, Executive Director
    • ATMIA Survey - Feedback needed
    • Advocacy Update from Sofia Sadiq
      • How Can ATMIA Members Embrace and Promote Both Digital and Cash Payments
    • Member of the Month: feerica
    • ATMIA Award Nominations Now Open
      • Peter Kulik Innovation Award
      • ATMIA 2023 Outstanding Service Award
    • Upcoming Conferences
      • Europe & Emerging Markets ATMs and Cash Summit
      • ATMIA Latin America 2023
      • ATMIA US Conference 2024
    • ATMIA Consultant Spotlight featuring Jack Milford
    • and More
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – August 2023

    In this issue:

    • Update from Erika Navarrete
    • Europe and Emerging Markets ATMs & Cash Summit 2023
      • Early Bird rates available
      • Speaker updates
      • Agenda
      • Exhibitor/Sponsor opportunities
    • Countdown Begins to ATMIAs First Joint Europe and Emerging Markets Conference
    • Member of the Month: BVK Technology
    • Upcoming Conferences
    • Consultant Spotlight – Veronique Delsalle
    • And more
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – July 2023

    In this issue:

    • Update From Erika Navarrete
    • Super Saver Rate for Europe and Emerging Markets ATMs & Cash Summit 2023 
    • Advocacy: Sustainability and its Impact on ATMs
    • July Member of the Month: Brinks
    • Upcoming Conferences
      • ATMIA US Conference 2024
      • ATMIA Latin America 2023
      • Global Security Summit 2023
      • Europe & Emerging Markets ATMs & Cash Summit 2023
    • ATMIA Consultant Spotlight: Richard Beer, Digital Cash Processing
    • and more
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews –June 2023

    In this edition:

    • Update from Erika Navarrete
    • Europe and Emerging Markets ATMs & Cash Summit 2023
      • Super Saver Rates Available
      • A-list of speakers
      • Agenda
      • Exhibitor/sponsors
    • The Hidden Cost of Cash
    • June Member of the Month
    • Upcoming Conferences
    • Consultant Spotlight: Alicia Blanda
    • and more
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – May 2023

    In this issue:

    • Update from Executive Director, Erika Navarrete
    • Call for Speakers: Emerging Markets
    • Advocacy Update from Sofia Sadiq: Working Together to Advocate for Payment Choice
    • Member of the Month
    • Upcoming conferences
    • Access to Experts – member benefit
    • and more...
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – April 2023

    In this issue:

    • Important reminders from Erika Navarrete
    • Welcome to our new members
    • SBV Services Pty Ltd named April Member of the Month
    • Upcoming conferences
      • ATM Security Association Global Security Summit 2023; September 13-14
      • Europe & Emerging Markets ATMs and Cash Summit 2023; 18-19 October
    • Upcoming webinar
      • High Finance: Exploring the intersection of Cannabis and Crypto in the Banking and ATM Industry; April 25
    • and more!
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – March 2023

    Included in this newsletter:

    • Update from Erika Navarrete, Executive Director Europe & Emerging Markets Region
    • New member spotlight
    • Advocacy Article from Sofia Sadiq
    • Take the member survey
    • and more!
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – February 2023

    In this issue:

    • Update from Erika Navarrete, Executive Director
    • Call For Speakers: Global Security Summit
    • New Advocacy Article from Sofia Sadiq
    • and more
  • Europe/Emerging Markets eNews – January 2023

    As we say hello to 2023, this year’s first newsletter is full of new and exciting information.

    In this Issue:

    • Update from Erika Navarrete, Executive Director
    • Listen to the recent Podcast featuring David Tente, USA Executive Director and ASA president
      • Convenience Matters Podcast: Benefits of having an ATM in a convenience store and the threats facing theses merchants from ATM crime
    • Upcoming conferences 
    • Advocacy update
    • And more!
  • Europe eNews – December 2022
    I this issue: A look back at 2022 with exciting things to come in 2023, news from the industry and so much more. 

  • Europe November eNews
    The newsletter now has a fresh design. Get timely news and information at your fingertips while reading excellent articles.

  • September/October Newsletter 2022

  • September 2021

    Thank you for supporting your industry association as well as the industry we serve. Your support is deeply valued because it has enabled ATMIA to get through the economic challenges of the pandemic and to begin growing strongly again this year as we plan for a positive future together, based on our vision for an ATM and Cash Revival. We have had the best ever advocacy donations this year and our net new company member growth is up from zero in 2020 to 46 net new companies so far this year – extraordinary!

    As a whole, the ATM industry is in a stronger position now to be ready for the post-pandemic world and can easily adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour we’ve witnessed during the past 18 months of this crisis. The Next Gen API App model for ATMs is now live, with certifications for Next Gen products and services already underway (see Certified Products Page). We have linked the ATM to the consumer’s mobile phone and created a set of standard API interfaces for global interoperability, with huge potential for rich, app-based customer experiences at the ATM.

    Join us on the Next Gen ATM journey into the future by filling out this confidential Journey Tracker:

    Next Gen ATM Journey Tracker
    Read Marcel Ficken’s guide to the Next Gen Journey here and check out the business case, identifying 47 opportunities for cost-savings or new revenue streams here. The Toolkit, or Matrix, presents the business case for each stakeholder segment of the ATM industry, providing budget worksheets for calculating the potential Return on Investment that can be achieved by embracing in this new API APP model for ATMs, with its standard API interfaces.

    Supporting the Business Case Matrix are interactive financial worksheets that will enable you to calculate the potential long-term Return on Investment (ROI), to strengthen budget requests for implementation of NextGen.   

    If you are ready to get certified and to wear the badge of industry certification with pride, go to the online self-certification system.

    Meanwhile, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association are preparing the industry for an expected uptick in ATM crime when lockdowns and travel restrictions are eased by providing a new global database of ATM crime, called the Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System, which currently has 526 recorded incidents from around the world and has a user-friendly interface for inputting data and exporting it in tables, charts and reports. In addition, we provide a Risk Register for emerging types of attack occurring in other sectors or channels but not yet in the ATM channel, as well as a whole library of security best practices. You can be proactive by ensuring your protections and best practices are in place for the current and emerging threats.  

    We best serve the industry by reinforcing its protections, future-proofing its technologies and systems and advocating for a revival of ATMs and cash in the months and years ahead.

  • ATMIA Europe Newsletter - July/August 2022

  • Europe Newsletter - May/June 2022

  • Europe Newsletter - March/April 2022

    The pandemic showed us how to rally together like never before in our industry and I’m sure we will go from strength to strength in 2022, having proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, how resilient the ATM industry is. I salute this strong industry.  

    Thanks to your support throughout 2021, ATMIA is now in a position to hire a European Content and Advocacy Manager. We are looking for a strong, but diplomatic, person, highly skilled in verbal and written communication, to take our European chapter to the next level, especially in the area of advocacy and communication of industry content. It’ll be a brand new post which will be all about addressing industry issues, while providing vital intelligence to our members in the region.

    It’s sad and tragic that a war has recently broken out on the continent; but now, more than ever, we must keep the wheels of business, trade, economic production and the cash cycle turning. This includes our industry, which plays such a vital role in the day-to-day lives of citizens across the world. ATMs and cash help to keep economies ticking. May peace prevail as its time comes. 

    In just over 200 days, we will meet together again in Berlin for ATMIA’s Europe 2022 ATM & Payments Innovation Summit. This in-person conference in Germany takes place on 19 - 20 October. Celebrating our 25th anniversary of service this year, ATMIA remains deeply committed to Europe. If you wish to speak at this event, please let me know.
    Meanwhile, let’s do all we can to keep a level playing field for all our members.

    Looking ahead, the architectural blueprint for the future of ATM technology has been agreed upon globally. We have standard APIs for a new API App Model for ATMs. Our industry’s future-proofing over the past few years has been second to none and I haven’t seen many big industries like ours progress so far down the path of reinvention. We are in a GOOD SPACE.  Expect more and more innovation: it’s coming on the wings of our Next Gen ATM template. 
    The industry’s first global intelligence system for combating ATM crime and fraud has been unleashed, too. I’m talking about the ATM Security Association’s Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS), with over 7,000 global incidents recorded so far. Going beyond reports on national and regional trends, we now have the opportunity to use a powerful worldwide database for a much truer global picture of crime and fraud threats. In addition, the CCMIS provides free access to bona fide law enforcement officers, to enable law enforcement and the industry to work together on combating, at an international level, the real global migration patterns of crime and fraud.

    At ATMIA, we have lots of hope for the years that lie ahead.  Together, always together, we can achieve so much more than what we can do when divided. It’s time to stay united  behind the only international trade association serving all segments of the industry on our level playing-field.

  • Europe Newsletter - January/February 2022

    A strong, safe and successful 2022 to you!

    2021 was a miracle year for ATMIA, thanks to a resilient industry and beautiful support from our members, not to mention good timing for our events. I was also deeply touched by the amazing advocacy donations of our members which were at all-time record highs. I will not ever forget this generosity at such a critical time for our industry. And our strong cash flow position resulting from our miracle year of 2021 puts us in a good position to deliver all our member services in 2022 and to continue to serve the industry by encouraging its protection, pre-eminence and growth. It is very pleasing to know that we celebrate ATMIA’s 25th year of service in 2022 in such a solid, well-founded position – a true blessing for all.

    Even though the pandemic has a long tail, the end is in sight when we can enjoy a new normal world where the coronavirus has become like a flu we just live with. Our industry is ready and raring to go for a full renewal and even a reinvention. Trust me – I’m a futurist 😊. Seriously, though, certified Next Gen ATMs and Next Gen products are already rolling off the production line and there’s strong, ongoing demand both for cash services and for availability of the premier self-service channel in financial services – namely the ATM. The future for ATMs is no longer just over the horizon – it’s here, in our very midst. The vision we formulated almost a decade ago in March 2012 to take us to the year 2050 is on track to come true!

    “Believing in the power and convenience of self-service technology, and in the longevity of cash, we commit our industry to the goal of ensuring that the ATM remains the dominant and best global channel in the payment space up to 2050 and beyond.” 


    I’m super-proud, too, of the security sector of our industry. The ATM Security Association (ASA), run by ATMIA, has an amazing new Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) with 1,676 intelligence reports recorded on this searchable, global database, representing no fewer than 7,083 incidents. This powerful new tool, along with our ASA library of ATM security best practices, and our online security training course, will protect our global ATM assets for years to come. In Q1, the first truly global, data-based crime intelligence report will be produced from the exponentially growing CCMIS.

    I can’t wait to see many of you at our in-person events, starting with the US event in February in Orlando.

    US Conference 2022
    Reinventing the ATM Ecosystem - a new dawn of self-service innovation
    February 8 - 10, 2022

    Loews Sapphire Falls Resort - Universal Orlando, Orlando, FL

    So buckle up: it’s going to be a fast ride into the future in 2022 along with ATMIA and ASA!

  • Europe Newsletter - November 2021
    As 2021 races to the finishing line, attention inevitably shifts towards plans to take the industry forward in 2022. At the same time, we give thanks for what is turning into an unexpectedly strong year both for ATMIA and for ATMs. The outlines of a post-pandemic world have emerged, and we are gaining insight into what the “new normal” world will look like. The key point is that the ATM is in a good space to make the most of this “new normal”, since our pre-eminent self-service device is phygital by its very nature, bridging the physical world of bricks, mortar and cash and the digital and online reality. The new API App model for ATMs, now live, with companies like NCR and fintechs like KLEAR Technologies already certified as Next Gen future-ready, will connect ATMs to the mobile-digital world in readiness for the Internet of Things. I now see the future for ATMs as having the strongest prospects for success and innovation since I began working in the industry just over twenty years ago. The publicly available set of vendor-agnostic standards and specifications may be viewed in our Next Gen Implementation Guide.

    At the same time, the ATM industry is now becoming more protected than ever before. ATMIA runs the ATM Security Association (ASA) and we are enormously proud of the industry’s first-ever global-scale crime and fraud database, called the Crisis and Crime Management System, or CCMIS for short. This system has already recorded 1,478 intelligence reports, representing 5,600 incidents internationally.  This data allows us to analyse global trends in methods of attack so we can strengthen our defences and deploy our set of international ATM security best practices. It is a powerful tool and I am delighted to announce that next year we have budgeted to develop crime intelligence reports for ASA. At the same time, law enforcement agencies have started inputting data and we offer them free access to the system so the industry can work closely together with law enforcement to tackle ATM crime and ATM criminals and fraudsters. 

    And so, following two years of tough impacts of the pandemic, I am happy to share the good news with you that our industry’s prospects have never been better. I predict waves of innovation on the back of the new API App ecosystem for ATMs and greater defences against crime than ever before.

    I would like to thank you, our treasured members, for tremendous support during 2021, a year in which we broke all records for advocacy donations to help us continue to implement our popular, member-based ATM and Cash Revival Plan. It is an honour to serve such a proud industry. We ask our members to provide their valuable feedback for our short annual member survey to ensure we continue to stay attuned to our members’ needs and requirements. Please take this short survey here.

    Let’s end this extraordinary year safely and strongly!

  • Europe Newsletter - October 2021
    As the last quarter of 2021 unfolds, it’s time to reflect on how much of an improvement this year has been compared to last year, in terms of both the welfare of the industry and of ATMIA, as its preeminent not-for-profit trade association. The difference between 2020 and 2021 is like the difference between day and night.

    I can say that ATMIA has bounced back strongly after last year’s zero net growth. We ended 2020 with zero net new company members, as the number of new members exactly equalled the number of members we lost, mostly due to the pandemic. So far this year we have seen over 45 net new company members joining. For a member-centric association, this expansion of our based of company members is a key indicator of growth, along with other, equally positive, financial indicators, such as record-level donations to our advocacy fund to cover the costs of implementing our popular ATM & Cash Revival Plan. 

    As for our industry itself, we’ve seen a bounce-back in cash withdrawals and cash use (much as we did following the 2008-9 financial crisis), especially compared to the dire impacts of the first wave of the pandemic and the initial lockdowns. With bank branches continuing to decline, and ATMs performing well as phygital devices – a blend of the physical and the digital-electronic – the strategic importance of ATMs for financial services has increased, too, and we can look forward to a time when ATMs will maintain their dominance as the preeminent self-service channel. While McKinsey has forecast global payments revenue to reach $2.5 trillion by 2025, up from $1.9 trillion currently, Global Industry Analysts, Inc, predict the global ATM market will grow at a CAGR of 5.8% up to 2026 to reach a value of US$27.7 Billion, up from US$19.5 Billion in 2020. In my view, these positive forecasts are justified. I know from chairing the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs for the past few years, with over 400 companies in 56 countries participating in this future-proofing project, that there is a wave of innovation coming over the horizon soon, as this new API App model for ATMs unleashes new functionality, richer customer experiences, increased speed-to-market for new products and services and vendor-agnostic APIs for global interoperability. It was truly a milestone in our industry when NCR certified as Next Gen ready earlier this year. 

    2021 was the year in which the ATM industry bounced back and prepared for a post-pandemic boom.

    Huge strides have been made in protecting ATMs, too. Security solutions and security best practices have dramatically lowered the incidences of successful black box and malware attacks against ATMs. This year ATMIA and the ATM Security Association jointly launched the industry’s first-ever global-scale ATM crime database, called the Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) which is able to interrogate hundreds of recorded global ATM crime incidents to pinpoint the most prevalent forms of attack, exporting data into user-friendly graphs, tables, charts and spreadsheets. Law enforcement agencies have started to input ATM crime data into the system. This powerful tool will enable the security sector, along with law enforcement, to base our countermeasures and joint actions on real-time intelligence. 

    Thank you so much for your support, without which this year would not have been a year of revival for the industry and for ATMIA!

  • Europe Newsletter - June/July 2021
    It’s great to be part of an industry which has taken the time and trouble to future-proof its technology so that we can adapt to the changing behaviours and expectations of consumers and maintain our relevance to society. Certified Next Gen ATM products and services are starting to roll off the production line in a reinvention of our whole industry ecosystem. At the same time, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association (ASA) have joined forces to launch and manage a Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) to track crime and fraud trends, which will enable us to stay one step ahead of evolving crime. Together, the forces of innovation, through Next Gen, and protection, through the CCMIS, will stand us in good stead going forward.

    Even as the world gradually returns to normal and aims for the post-pandemic phase, the ATM industry is already ready for growth and expansion in order to ensure that the ATM remains the preeminent self-service channel for a new generation of users.

  • Europe Newsletter - May 2021
    What a time we live in – full of crises, but also filled with opportunities!  The world has gained some control of the pandemic, through the application of science, and this public health crisis will soon be in full retreat. Things have changed since covid-19 began, however. There is more online shopping, more zoom meetings, less travel and millions now working from home for most of the week. In short, it’s become a more digital world.

    Our ATM industry and ATMIA have been very hard at work, during the crisis, preparing for the future and I believe we’re fully ready to retain the ATM as the preeminent channel for self-service banking for many, many years to come. Consider the following developments. The very first certifications for Next Gen ATMs are in the pipeline as we speak, inaugurating a new API App model for ATMs. This is the culmination of a multi-year global project involving unprecedented consensus across all markets and all sectors of the industry. And, this week, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association jointly launched the world’s first global-scale Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) to cover all types of crime attacks against ATMs and to provide a hub for any crisis which impacts the industry, whether a future pandemic, an environmental disaster or even a war. Earlier this week, I submitted my report to the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), set up to ensure continued access to, and acceptance of, cash in the euro area for the future, as part of the Eurosystem’s Cash 2030 strategy. In the US, bipartisan support continues to grow rapidly for banning cashless retail establishments in the US.

  • March 2021

    We can never give up. The pandemic has tested our resilience as an industry and as an association. Thanks to the support of members worldwide, and the unshakeable belief in the value of our ATM businesses and services which are provided daily to millions of accountholders, we’ve continued to recover from the initial losses of lockdown, whilst building our future with the global launch of ATM 2.0, an API App model for future-proof ATMs. 

    Read more in this month's newsletter!

  • February 2021

    Thank you for being part of a special industry which has served the public for over five decades, providing access to cash and a variety of value-added financial services, to millions upon millions of cardholders.

    Read more in this month's newsletter!

  • January 2021

    Thank you for being part of our worldwide family of members and for contributing to the welfare of the industry in which we all share. We live in unprecedented times which call for an even greater togetherness, as we endeavour to deal with the challenges we face, keep our industry secure and future-proof our amazing technology so we stay relevant to the customers of today and tomorrow. 

    Read more in this month's newsletter!

  • December 2020

  • November 2020

  • October 2020

  • October 2020

  • September 2020

  • August 2020

  • July 2020

  • June 2020

    ATMIA Launches an ATM and Cash Revival Plan for COVID-19 and Beyond

    ATMIA announced the launch of an ATM and Cash Revival Plan for an ATM industry hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “We have listened to our members who told us all their COVID-19 pain points in our recent survey and we are now committed to a series of actions aimed at starting an industry revival,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs.

    The advocacy plan has two prongs, a Cash Revival Plan and an ATM Revival Plan.

    Read full article.

  • May 2020

    A Time for Post-Pandemic Reinvention

    While COVID-19 turns the world upside-down, the industry is working hard behind the scenes, not just to keep access to cash and other ATM services going at the frontlines of the pandemic but to reinvent the ATM and position our industry for future growth. I can think of three global projects, for example, which can and will revolutionize our industry: (i) the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, which now has 329 companies worldwide participating in the future-proofing exercise to create a new interoperable API App model for ATMs; (ii) the ATM Security Association has outlined the requirements to build a global Crime Intelligence System for the ATM industry and (iii) and a new vendor-agnostic XFS standard called XFS4IoT is being drafted as we speak.

  • April 2020

    Cash matters – now, more than ever, in the time of coronavirus

    Groups representing the currency, ATM, transportation and security sectors call on governments, central banks, media, business and society to stand up for cash to protect the resilience of the existing payment ecosystem and ensure vulnerable groups are not deprived of the only means of payment that is available to all. Cash is safe: we should stop stigmatising its users.

    Read full article.

  • March 2020

    Cash is Strong in a Crisis – the Role of ATMs in the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Currently, the coronavirus pandemic is nowhere near peaking and many economies, markets and societies around the world are starting to buckle under the strain of this spreading health crisis and the drastic measures taken to stop it in its tracks. 

    Meanwhile, the people surrounding the cash industry continue to work hard to ensure that citizens have access to funds during this critical time.  ATMs and cash have always served an important function during other crises and emergencies in the world. 

    Read full article.

  • February 2020
    There are four important numbers to consider right now: 2020. ATMIA has designated 2020 as the year of our future because the five year long global project to create a new API App model for ATMs will reach fruition as we develop, test and launch the online self-certification system for the new ecosystem. The Next Gen ATM will integrate ATMs and the mobile phone to create better customer experiences and enable faster and more convenient access to cash and a range of digital services.

  • January 2020
    In this edition, we look forward to a bright new year of change with, of course, 20/20 vision!

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