Future of Cash Presentations & Articles

Cash is Good for Society
- 2017 Presentation by Mike Lee
Cash is Good
- 2017 Presentation by Mike Lee
Cardtronics Cash Survey
- 2015 survey conducted by Cardtronics
Future-Proofing the Business of Cash
- 2013 presentation at Africa Conference, presented by Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA
Voice of Cash presentation, ATM Industry Assocation
- 2011 The unfolding story of cash in the world, presented by
Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA.
Future of Cash Handout
The Long-Term Future of Cash
Presented by Mike Lee at the ATM, Debit & Prepaid Forum
The Future of Cash
By: Mike Lee, CEO, ATMIA
Sharing Key Messages on Cash for ATMIA Europe
- June 2011 This document will provide you with key messages on cash that you
can include in your communications. Please use them in your presentations,
brochures, website, blogs, press releases, etc as you find relevant. Where a
source is given, please do remember to credit this source.
ATM Cash in a Cashless Society
- 2007
This document provides information to support the increased role of the
ATM, and the proven infrastructure surrounding ATM. Financial Institutes
should embrace the discussion and ensure continued involvement in the
secure introduction of such technology, if it should prove to be an effective,
and acceptable, means of transaction for customers.

ESTA - The Cash Industry Logistics Association
- Publications

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