ATMIA Webinar: Gearing up for Next Gen ATMs in the Breakthrough Year of 2020
April, 1, 2020 
9:00 am - 10:00 am CST

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Find out all about the global project to create a new API App model for ATMs and about the race to install the world’s first certified Next Gen ATM. What’s in it for banks and for IADs? How will the online self-certification system work? What breakthroughs can be expected for the ATM industry in 2020?

Moderated by Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs


  • Next Gen ATMs: What’s in it for Banks?
    Leland Englebardt, Practice Leader, Upshot Financial
  • Next Gen ATMs: What’s in it for IADs?
    Donna Embry, SVP Global Payment Strategy, Evolve Bank & Trust
  • The Next Gen ATM Self-Certification System: Design, Purpose, Plan
    Marcel Ficken, Next-Gen-ATM Management Consultant, RXL2020

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ATMIA Webinar: Cenfri on Digital IDs - the current pain points in Africa and the role that ID proxies play in overcoming the gaps

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Digital IDs: what are the current pain points on the continent and what role do ID proxies play in overcoming the gaps?

2 p.m. (SAST) South Africa, Thursday, 23rd of April, 2020

Cenfri conducted a study on the use of proxy identifiers in payments systems in South Africa in 2019. We investigated how proxy IDs can be linked to the South African ID and corresponding bank account and how this could enable faster, more effective payments within the market. The research revealed various insights around the effectiveness of certain proxy IDs vis-à-vis other proxy identifiers, as well as how the South African market might be able to effectively implement proxy ID into its payment system. 

For this webinar, there will be a specific focus on the concept of proxy IDs and how they can be used to overcome pain points in digital ID and payments across Africa. We will also discuss how proxy IDs can enhance the overall ecosystem for service delivery across the continent.

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