2020 International IAD Study Africa

The 2020 International IAD (Independent ATM Deployer) Study for Africa paints a big picture of opportunities for retail ATM deployment across varying emerging markets on the big African continent. It is the latest research report in ATMIA’s global series of IAD studies.

The content is both deep-diving and wide-ranging, covering key economic and financial services indicators like GDP, inflation, banked population, bank data, ATM, cash use, and digital money use data, as well as social factors which impact on opportunities for future investments in ATM deployment, such as population size, urbanization rates, literacy rates, corruption, governance and political conflict issues, and even environmental considerations. But the data sets across multiple countries don’t overwhelm the reader because the author blends them seamlessly into a well-narrated analysis.

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ATMIA recently published premium reports on a wide-variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in growing your ATM business in the ever-changing ATM marketplace.

International IAD Study Africa -  
The 2020 International IAD (Independent ATM Deployer) Study for Africa paints a big picture of opportunities for retail ATM deployment across varying emerging markets on the big African continent. It is the latest research report in ATMIA’s global series of IAD studies.

Next Gen ATM Deployer Guide -This must-have manual contains an introduction to the global Next Gen project, analysis of the survey results,  key questions regarding hardware and software upgrades needed to migrate to Next Gen, cost issues, the business case and underlying economics for ATM operators, retailers, consumers, security issues for the new architecture, Next Gen functionality and value-added digital services and combining Next Gen with a migration to Windows 10, and an analysis of relevant technologies like Bluetooth and NFC. The manual includes a Deployer Checklist, the Next Gen ATM Blueprint, Version 1.5 and a NextGen ATM QuickScan Model.

US IAD Report - The IAD business in the United States is a sterling example of how our industry has built a convenient, reliable, diverse, and secure self-service banking channel that’s vital to tens of millions of people. The study addresses past development, today’s market conditions, and the most important opportunities and challenges that confront us as we move forward.

Offences Involving ATMs: Insights into How Offenders See ATMs as Targets - This new criminological study of ATM crime today offers the industry a unique perspective – the view from the bottom; that is, what ATM criminals themselves think when they plan their attacks on ATMs.

Next Gen ATMs Business Case Toolkit - The Business Case Matrix identifies 44 specific aspects of NextGen that can reduce your costs, increase your revenue, and enhance your brand value and competitiveness. The Matrix also provides a formula for each revenue and cost element, to expedite calculation of the financial impact on your business. Supporting the Business Case Matrix are interactive financial worksheets that will enable you to calculate the potential long-term Return on Investment (ROI), to strengthen budget requests for implementation of NextGen.

Canada IAD Report - This analysis illuminates the unique market characteristics that make IAD ATMs such a vital part of Canadian financial services and why cash continues to be preferred by Canadian consumers for face-to-face retail transactions.

National IAD Study Australia - This study finds the Australian retail ATM market under pressure from shrinking GDP, the digital banking transformation and the shift to contactless “tap and go” technologies. However, this expert analysis, edited by award-winning Upshot Advisors consultancy, identifies new opportunities which still exist for Independent ATM Deployers, especially in the area of outsourcing of bank off-premise ATMs.

National IAD Study Germany - The report gives a detailed overview of the economy and independent ATM sector in Germany before looking at ATM data and IAD market share, cash use, ATM density, ATM economics, the structure of the ATM network, competitive factors and IAD business developments and opportunities. The appendices include “ATM Locations by Bank Group in Germany”, “ATM Locations per 10,000 Inhabitants in Germany and “German Payment Preferences by Transaction Value”.

National IAD Study UK - The report gives an overview of ATMs in the UK, backed by economic and market data, as well as by information on bank branches and cash demand and ATM density. It also covers ATM revenue sources, including Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) at ATMs, various competitive factors, interchange rates and new potentially dominant evolving technologies like NFC. Security challenges and industry issues are also studied.

White Paper on Dual Migration to Windows 10 and Next Gen ATM Architecture - This paper expertly and sensitively analyzes the convergences of these two industry-wide migrations and assesses the potential for combining the two into one strategy, one a cost and the other an investment in the long-term future of our ATM technology.

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Next Gen On Demand Webinars
In June and July, ATMIA hosted a series of Next Gen webinars. These webinars have been recorded for your on-demand enjoyment. View the recording in ATMIA's White Paper Library.

Rogue Devices attacks on ATM through internal abusers and supply chain

Sponsored by: Sepio Systems

- Bentsi Benatar, CMO and Co-Founder, Sepio Systems

View the recording here.

The Trivial and the Unexpected: latest ATM-targeted threats, and how to fight them

Sponsored by: Kaspersky 

- Dmitry Bestuzhev, Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team in Latin America, Kaspersky
- Oleg Gorobets, Security Evangelist, Kaspersky

View the recording here.

How ATMs will be the key to blockchain currencies going mainstream

Sponsored by: B4U Financial and Payment Alliance International

Mike Nelson, Vice President of Payment Alliance Internationa
- T. Jack Williams, President of B4U Financial LLC

View the recording here.

Designing in Security and Customer Convenience: the Benefits of Next Gen ATMs


-Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs
Marcel Ficken, Next-Gen-ATM Management Consultant, RXL2020
- Leland Englebardt, Practice Leader, Upshot Advisors
- Douglas Russell, Director, DFR Risk Management

View the recording here.

Security-focused and Customer-oriented: the Benefits of the #NextGenBranch  


- Mark Aldred, Head of Sales, Auriga
- Juan Ramón Aramendía, Project Manager, Auriga

View the recording here.

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