Become a Champion Today
Become a Champion Today

Our project has exceeded all expectations. It has proved to be an awesome, global future-proofing exercise.

Now, it’s time to become Next Gen Champions as we move forward powerfully as an industry to implement the global blueprint. We will need to fund the upcoming PR campaign, the development of standards and the creation of an ATMIA self-certification tool, among other steps.

ATMIA has been a leader in the ATM industry for over 20 years and this is the greatest project our association has ever facilitated. Over 250 companies worldwide are now participating.

We appreciate your company’s own involvement and contribution so far.  Soon, as our global launch approaches, we will be presenting our work to the world through industry communications, social media, various print and internet publications, press releases, and other news media. And we have just set up a new Investment Team to look into facilitating communications between the Consortium and the investment community hungry to invest in next gen architecture in financial services. Our own blueprint might out-fintech the fintechs!  

Today, we invite your company to become an official ATM Next Gen Champion.  Your company will not oly be supporting the future of the ATM industry but be noted as one of those leading iteh way!  The details and benefits of the Champion package are below for you to consider but the main benefit is your logo on all Next Gen web pages, emails, marketing, etc. Our packages start at $1200 per year – that is $100 per month.  If everyone contributes a little we can achieve a lot!

Please review and let Mike Lee ( or Dana Benson ( know if you have any questions or would like to set up a time  to discuss it in greater detail.  If you would like to join the list of Champions, let Dana Benson ( know and we’ll get you started right away.

Thank you once again for your continued support for this win-win project for the whole ATM industry.   It’s a no-brainer – what is there not to like about the future-shaping next gen ATM project; why wouldn’t a company want to be a next gen Champion?

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