Advocating for our members and promoting the value of the ATM Industry to legislators and policymakers is an important priority for ATMIA.

To do this, we address legislative and regulatory issues that affect the industry. We also strive to keep our members informed about legislative and regulatory activities through advisories, issue briefs, our e-newsletter and weekly updates.

  • Compliance
    ATM Industry compliance documents
  • Corporate Governance
    Documents on coporate governance for the ATM industry
  • Committees
    ATMIA offers a wide range of working committees to meet the needs of our diverse membershp. We invite all members to join the committees of interest to them
  • Contributions Form
    Contribution form for the many industry areas that ATMIA supports for our members.
  • Position Papers
    ATM Industry positions papers on a variety of topics.
  • Legislative, Regulatory & Current State Law Monitoring
    ATM Industry regulatory monitoring for several regions.
  • US Advocacy Fund
    To establish a US industry advocacy fund to be used by ATMIA’s Government Relations Committee (GRC), and other important US-based Committees, to cover the costs of lobbying and monitoring various state and federal authorities regarding any proposed legislation which could adversely affect ATM businesses and the industry as a whole.
  • Europe Advocacy Fund
    Recognising the need to represent the general interests of the ATM industry in Europe, ATMIA Europe has created a European Advocacy Fund. This Fund is called upon to support advocacy and legal work carried out by the ATMIA in the interests of members. This work can be serving the needs of members in one national market or across Europe.


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