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As a member of the ATM Industry Association, you are invited and encouraged to serve on any global committee and any regional committee which matches your membership. By joining you can offer your voice for the betterment of the ATM industry. Each committee meets quarterly for one hour by conference call or webinar and in the event of urgent issues, may meet more if necessary.

  • 2020 Roadmap Committee (Global)
    The mission of the 2020 Roadmap Committee, which was recently merged with the Updateable ATM Committee, is to investigate ways to better synchronize hardware and software upgrade cycles in the ATM industry; followed by creation of an industry roadmap to extend planning horizons for migration to new operating systems, well in advance of the end of support for Windows 7 in 2020. For more information, contact Mike Lee.
  • ATM Cash Council (Global)
    The ATM Cash Council is a global committee open to all ATMIA members. Its mission is to portray the truth about cash by monitoring and reporting on global cash demand, circulation and usage today, while working to protect the freedom of the world’s citizens to use cash. For more information, contact Mike Lee.
  • ATM Consulting & Training  (Global, Approved Consultants)
    Established to develop and manage a professional body of outsourced consultants, specialists and trainers across the full range of the industry in every chapter of ATMIA, this committee's mission is to build a Resource Center with a growing knowledge base, set of case studies and research materials. For more information, contact Mike Lee.
  • ATM Security Forum  (Global)
    The ATM Security Forum is designed to employ global security resources in a united alliance in order to protect the industry from criminal activity. For more information, contact Mike Lee.
  • Consortium for Next Generation ATMs  (Global)
    This committee discusses alternative OS systems for ATMs but also how ATM architecture, whether software, hardware or network architecture, will evolve as innovation, which may be “OS-agnostic” in nature, takes place. For more information, contact Mike Lee.
  • European Cash & Security Committee  (Europe Region)
    This committee is focussed on cash changes, issues and trends; European interoperability; hardware and software security threats and trends; and accessibility. For more information, contact Debbie Smyth.
  • European Independent ATM Deployers Committee  (Europe Region)
    This committee monitors and analyses issues impacting Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) in Europe, with a view to identifying steps that can be taken by the ATMIA and its members to safeguard and further the interests of the IAD community.
  • Financial Institution ATM Deployers Forum  (US Region, Banks)
    This committee is a forum that provides a non-competitive environment in which banks and credit unions can share experiences and address issues unique to their ATM channel. For more information, contact David Tente.
  • Government Relations Committee (GRC)  (USA, Europe, Canada Regions)
    Established to actively monitor regulatory trends and policies that affect ATM deployers across the international marketplace, the global GRC is an international forum that works to develop / publish consistent positions representing the best interests of the broader ATM industry. For more information, contact your regional Executive Director.
  • IAD  (US Region)
    This committee brings together organizations that independently deploy, operate and manage ATMs, as well as those which provide them with products and services. Non-bank ATM operators face unique challenges in the marketplace and have an opportunity here to stay informed and network with peers. For more information, contact David Tente.
  • International ATM Marketing Forum  (Global)
    Mission: The mission of the new group is to promote communication between marketing professionals, educate members on advances in marketing technology and techniques, and provide them with the information they need to more effectively promote their company. For more information, contact Sharon Lane.
  • IPayments Forum (Global)
    Mission: To provide and promote our members with relevant and timely information that impacts the electronic payments industry. For more information, contact Lyle Elias.

  • Sponsoring Financial Institutions  (US Region, Banks)
    The mission of this committee is to provide a forum for the discussion of risk associated with ATM IAD sponsorship and, with advice from networks, processors, IADs and other industry experts, to determine by consensus the procedures sponsoring financial institutions will recommend their institution implement. For more information, contact David Tente.
  • Spanish National Committee  (Europe Region)
    This committee gathers information from this important market, to allow the planning and implementation of effective steps to be taken by the ATMIA, working with its Spanish members, to ensure the best outcomes for the ATM industry and the ATMIA in Spain.
  • Regional Advisory Boards  
    By particitpating in your regional advisory board it affords you and your organization the opportunity to stay abreast of key industry activities impacting your business and you also have the right to vote on key actions being taken by the ATMIA during our quarterly meetings. For more information, contact your Regional Executive Director.
  • US EMV Migration Committee  (US Region)
    This is a temporary committee formed to facilitate the exchange of information regarding US EMV migration. Sub-committees address best practices, technical requirements and payment industry relations. This committee interacts with other entities involved in migration, such as the EMV Migration Forum. For more information, contact David Tente.
  • US Steering Committee  (US Region, appointed by Board)
    Appointed by the Board, the Steering Committee coordinates the activities of the various regional committees. Made up of a small group, composed of board and non-board members, the board co-chairs, ATMIA staff, committee chairs and other representatives, the committee reports to the full Regional Board. For more information, contact David Tente.
  • ATM 50th Anniversary Portal (Global)
    A working portal for the planning and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ATM industry and the 20th anniversary of the ATM Industry Association.

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