ATMIA members are encouraged to serve on committees to better our industry. Committees typically convene quarterly via conference calls, which may be scheduled on a more frequent basis if deemed necessary. Members may serve on one or more of the following committees available to membership level status:

Advocacy Council  (Global)
The Advocacy Council is an opportunity for Members to come together, to discuss key issues and concerns facing the cash industry in Europe and beyond and to better understand what would be most beneficial to all of you as we look to expand our advocacy efforts across our regions.

If the purpose of the Advocacy Council is to promote access to cash, then its primary objective would be to increase awareness about the importance of cash as a payment option and to advocate for policies that support and maintain the availability of cash.

ATM Consulting & Training  (Global, Approved Consultants)
Established to develop and manage a professional body of outsourced consultants, specialists and trainers across the full range of the industry in every chapter of ATMIA, this committee's mission is to build a Resource Center with a growing knowledge base, set of case studies and research materials. For more information, contact Lonnie Talbert.

ATM Cryptocurrency Deployers Advocacy Group (Global)
This is a focused group within ATMIA dedicated to the special needs, issues and concerns of the increasingly influential crypto-currency Industry. For more information, contact David Tente.

ATM Criminal Activity Forum (Global)
This will be an open discussion forum focusing on current ATM criminal activity being seen or experienced by ATMIA and ASA members.  The initial topic of discussion will be the growing trend of using 'Jaws of Life' to commit ATM related thefts. For more information, contact David Tente.

ATM Emerging Leaders Group (Global)
An open discussion forum, which focuses on various topics aimed at those who are new to the ATM industry. The group will feature a variety of mentors who will be asked to share their viewpoints on the specified topic. For more information, contact Amber Howell.

ATM Fraud & Cyber Security Committee (Global)
The Fraud and Cyber Security Committee will serve as a vehicle for members to collaborate and keep each other informed about all types of fraud and cyber security threats.  This is a constantly changing environment that can impact all ATM industry stakeholders.   If you were previously a member of the ATM Skimming & Card Data Compromise Working Group and/or the ATM Cyber, Software and Encryption Security Alliance, your membership has been transfered to this new committee group. For more information, contact David Tente.

ATM Physical Security Committee (Global)
This group will look at how to improve the security of ATMs, including looking at solutions and potential standards.

Cash & Payments Council (Global)
The ATM Cash Council (Formerly ATM Cash Council & World Payments Council) is a global committee open to all ATMIA members. Its mission is to share current information, data, context and member feedback on global cash and payment trends. For more information, contact Lonnie Talbert.

Consortium for Next Generation ATMs (Global)
This committee discusses alternative OS systems for ATMs but also how ATM architecture, whether software, hardware or network architecture, will evolve as innovation, which may be “OS-agnostic” in nature, takes place. For more information, contact Lonnie Talbert.

Financial Institution ATM Deployers Forum  (US Region, Banks)
This committee is a forum that provides a non-competitive environment in which banks and credit unions can share experiences and address issues unique to their ATM channel. For more information, contact David Tente.

Government Relations Committee (GRC)  (USA, Europe Regions)
Established to actively monitor regulatory trends and policies that affect ATM deployers across the international marketplace, the global GRC is an international forum that works to develop / publish consistent positions representing the best interests of the broader ATM industry. For more information, contact your regional Executive Director.

IAD  (US Region)
This committee brings together organizations that independently deploy, operate and manage ATMs, as well as those which provide them with products and services. Non-bank ATM operators face unique challenges in the marketplace and have an opportunity here to stay informed and network with peers. For more information, contact David Tente.

IPayments Forum (Global)
Mission: To provide and promote our members with relevant and timely information that impacts the electronic payments industry. For more information, contact Lyle Elias.

Next Gen ATM Security Working Group (Global)
This is the security committee of the Consortium for Next Generation ATMs which is looking at the security of the API App model for ATMs which is a new ATM architecture which will connect the ATM to the consumer’s mobile phone for transactions. It will cover security of consumer owned devices too, as well as protecting the new ATM architecture.

Regional Advisory Boards  
By particitpating in your regional advisory board it affords you and your organization the opportunity to stay abreast of key industry activities impacting your business and you also have the right to vote on key actions being taken by the ATMIA during our quarterly meetings. For more information, contact your Regional Executive Director.

Strategic Direction Committee  (Asia / Asia Pacific)
This committee works to minimize the potentially negative impacts of any proposed legislation which may be disadvantageous or harmful to the industry and its businesses and to maximize opportunities to enhance understanding and governance of the industry. For more information, contact Sandra Smith.

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