ATMIA Academy
ATMIA Academy

Online atm security training

ATM security is a vital part of any successful ATM business and helps build high levels of customer trust. This ATMIA Academy course describes the most common ATM security threats and attacks, while identifying industry best practices that can be used to mitigate risk.

ATM Security Training session overview:

PIN Compromise
Covers different methods of PIN compromise, and how to detect them and mitigate an incident.
Card Theft
Identifies many different ways card theft occurs, focuses on ATM card theft, and offers best practices for card theft prevention.
Card Data Compromise
Highlights different methods card data compromise is achieved, plus identifies incident mitigation steps.
Cash Trapping and Transactional Reversal Fraud (TRF)
Provides an overview of both types of threats, plus covers how to identify and handle incidents.
Malware & Black Box Attacks
Provides an overview of both types of attacks, plus information about how to detect and mitigate an attack.
Physical Attacks
Provides a detailed synopsis of several different types of physical attacks and how they happen. Includes organizational best practices that can be implemented to reduce risk.
Explosive Attacks
Explosive attacks have been increasing in several regions around the world. Even failed explosive attacks can cause significant, costly ATM damage. Learn about the many different ways explosive attacks can be carried out and what can be done to prevent it from happening.
ATM Security Training Course
Course ATMIA Member Non-member
Security Training Course $100 $175

Additional training courses are available for ATM operators and about ATM value-added services.

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