Welcome to the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs. Our mission is to create a new, globally interoperable API App model for ATMs based both on industry-wide consensus and on a vendor-agnostic level playing field which is geared up to ongoing innovation. This future-proofing exercise for the reinvention of ATMs after more than 50 years of service involves over 400 companies in 55 countries. Born in 2016, this vision was realized in 2020, following over 100 committee and working-group meetings, with the launch of the Next Gen self-certification system for certified Next Gen ATMs, products, solutions and services.

“Believing in the power and convenience of self-service technology, and in the longevity and inclusivity of cash, we commit our industry to the goal of ensuring that the ATM remains a resilient, relevant and high-value global channel up to 2050 and beyond.”Mike Lee - ATMIA - March 2012
[Revised in collaboration with the Board of Directors of ATMIA, February 2022]
Next Gen Self Certification is OPEN!

Become Next Gen Certified today! 

ATMIA and the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs has created an Independent Next Gen ATM Functional API Assessment of the Provider Agnostic Next Gen ATM component to support Interoperability, Easy Plug & Play Next Gen ATM Integration and gain Next Gen ATM benefits as Next Gen ATM Providers and Deployers.

There are four Levels of Certification with each level offering between 1-3 different components based on your company, plus a fifth, end-to-end ATM Channel Level Certification.

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Next Gen ATM 2022 Awards

Apply or nominate a company or individual for the Next Gen ATM 2022 Awards. We will be awarding 2 prestigious industry awards to deserving companies and individuals from all sectors of the industry.  These new ATMIA awards will be presented at the ATMIA US Conference in New Orleans, LA February 7-9, 2023.

Congratulations to the past winners:
2022: NCR for Self-Service Software
2021:  KLEAR Technologies, Inc for SecurPair
2020:  CR2 & BVK


Who is part of the Next Gen Project?

The following is the Distribution of Next Gen Consortium Members by Industry Segment . We are pround to annouce that over 400 companies in 55 countries are a part of this truly international industry project.  Click here for the the complete list of companies participating.

Distribution of Next Gen Consortium Members by Industry Segment
  • Banks
  • IADs
  • Credit Unions
  • ATM Manufacturers
  • Software Suppliers
  • Cash in Transit
  • Consultancies
  • Network Processors
  • Card Brands
  • Associations
  • Central Banks
  • Security Solutions Providers



Be a part of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs

Join over 400 companies worldwide NOW in shaping the future of the ATM industry – absolutely FREE!

Committee Chairman:
Lonnie Talbert, CEO, ATMIA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1-505-385-8961

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US callers = 888-3878686
International callers = ++1-303-9283281
Conference Room Number = 8071279#

ATMIA will not permit or tolerate any anti-competitive practices within the Next Gen ATM project, since the aim is to provide a level playing field for a globally interoperable new API App model for ATMs, which will greatly benefit the world’s consumers, and there is no room for monopolies and other behavior which is not in the spirit of a free market for all stakeholders.


What is the Next Gen ATM project all about?

Check out this video with thanks to Dave Smith and Renovite.

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