Did You Know?

  1. Did you know that after over 50 years of service to consumers worldwide, the ATM is being reinvented globally to an API App model for ATMs?
    Future-Proofing the ATM Industry Slide
  2. Did you know that a rising tide lifts all boats?
    • Enhanced security at ATMs
    • Greater convenience and eased of use for customers
    • Richer customer experiences at ATMs
    • Increased relevance of ATMs
    • Greater cost-efficiency and faster speed-to-market
    • Impacts on standards as enablers of innovation
  3. Did you know the Next Gen self-certification system is already live?
    ATMIA Next Gen Certified Badge
  4. Did you know that KLEAR Technologies and NCR were the first companies in the world to certify as Next Gen ready?
  5. Did you know that Next Gen fits into ATMIA’s positive 2050 vision?
    ATMIA's 2050 Vision
    “Believing in the power and convenience of self-service technology, and in the longevity and inclusivity of cash, we commit our industry to the goal of ensuring that the ATM remains a resilient, relevant and high-value global channel up to 2050 and beyond.”
  6. Did you know that migration to the Next Gen ATM architecture can be bundled into your product and software roadmaps?
  7. Did you know that the business case for Next Gen ATMs is a no-brainer and that you can calculate potential ROI for your company by using the Next Gen business case matrix?
  8. Did you know that the ATMIA Next Gen Self-Certification System has 5 different levels of certification?
    • for Mobile APPs
    • ATM (MVS) Appliances
    • ATM-APPsto the Host APP Services
    • Host Infrastructure developers, providers and deployers to support each API in the end-2-end ATM acquiring channel
  9. Did you know that the Next Gen ATM Journey Guide was the Number 1 ATMIA Best Downloaded Whitepaper in 2021 and that you can download it free?
  10. Did you know that Next Gen ATMs will bring enhanced security at ATMs, especially for the customer using the ATM, getting rid of all card-based crime and fraud for Next Gen transactions?

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