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Welcome to the ATMIA Next Gen ATM Self-Certification portal.

The purpose of ATMIA’s Next Gen ATM Self-Certification is to provide an independent Next Gen ATM Functional API Assessment of the Provider Agnostic Next Gen ATM component to support Interoperability, Easy Plug & Play Next Gen ATM Integration and to gain Next Gen ATM benefits as Next Gen ATM Providers and Deployers.

All successful self-certification levels will receive an official digital Next Gen ATM Level Certificate and will be published in the Next Gen ATM portal for full industry visibility.

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In case you started your Next Gen ATM journey and estimate you will not start self-certification within 3 months, you can pre-register (free of charge) and we will keep you informed.

Please send your Next Gen ATMIA Certification questions or comments to the Next Gen ATM Certification Authority Board (CAB) at [email protected]


How does the self-certification work?
Watch the August 25th, 2020 webinar "The Next Gen ATM Journey – Becoming a Certified ATM Channel"
If you still have questions after watching this webinar, please send them to [email protected]
How much does the certification cost for each level?
The certification costs are $5,000 for each level to get your ATM product/service Next Gen ATMIA Certified and published on the ATMIA Next Gen Certified products/services – you can certify one or multiple levels depending on your company's requirements.
What type of machines will this work on? Is this specifically for machines that have a full PC in them? Or will it also work on the smaller Hyosung, Triton, and so on?
Since ATMIA defines the Next Gen API interfaces, it is provider hardware-and software-agnostic. This means Next Gen can run on all types of ATM machines (Windows, Linux, Win CE, ... O/S) from all ATM vendors (incl. Hyosung, Triton, and so on) as long as your next gen software supports the Next Gen API and conforms to the Next Gen Implementation Guide 2019 version 1.0 Final or later version.

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