Next-Gen Self-Certification

Welcome to the ATMIA Next-Gen ATM Self-Certification portal.

The purpose of ATMIA’s Next-Gen ATM Self-Certification is to provide an independent Next-Gen ATM Functional API Assessment of the Provider Agnostic Next-Gen ATM component to support Interoperability, Easy Plug & Play Next-Gen ATM Integration and to gain Next-Gen ATM benefits as Next-Gen ATM Providers and Deployers.

All successful self-certification levels will receive an official digital Next-Gen ATM Level Certificate and will be published in the Next-Gen ATM portal for full industry visibility.

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In case you started your Next-Gen ATM journey and estimate you will not start self-certification within 3 months, you can pre-register (free of charge) and we will keep you informed.

Please send your Next-Gen ATMIA Certification questions or comments to the Next-Gen ATM Certification Authority Board (CAB) at [email protected]


How does the self-certification work?
Watch the August 25th, 2020 webinar "The Next-Gen ATM Journey – Becoming a Certified ATM Channel"
If you still have questions after watching this webinar, please send them to [email protected]
How much does the certification cost for each level?
The certification costs are $5,000 for each level to get your ATM product/service Next-Gen ATMIA Certified and published on the ATMIA Next-Gen Certified products/services – you can certify one or multiple levels depending on your company's requirements.
What type of machines will this work on? Is this specifically for machines that have a full PC in them? Or will it also work on the smaller Hyosung, Triton, and so on?
Since ATMIA defines the Next-Gen API interfaces, it is provider hardware-and software-agnostic. This means Next Gen can run on all types of ATM machines (Windows, Linux, Win CE, ... O/S) from all ATM vendors (incl. Hyosung, Triton, and so on) as long as your next-gen software supports the Next-Gen API and conforms to the Next-Gen Implementation Guide 2019 version 1.0 Final or later version.

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