Guide YOUR Road to Next-Gen ATM.

We are the ATMIA Technical Advisor for the NextGenATM program, ATMIA approved consultant, NextGenATM Champion and giving workshops/presentations/webinars at ATMIA events around the world.

Do you want to become Next-Gen-ATMIA ready?

We can guide your company road to Next-Gen ATM.


Let’s connect and meet in person at the next ATMIA event;

  • ATMIA-EU Rome (15-17 October 2019)
  • ATMIA-ASIA Kuala Lumpur (19-21 November 2019)
  • ATMIA-US Houston (11-13 February 2020)


Next Gen ATMs Champion
Next Gen ATM Champion

ATMIA Consulting & Training
ATMIA Approved Consultant
Marcel Ficken MBA
+31 610 687 605

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Newsroom (White Papers, Press Releases, Blog Posts, ...)
Europe 2019 conference banner logo ATMIA-EU 2019 Conference (Rome)
Workshop "All Roads Lead to Next-Gen-ATMIA"
ATMIA Global Webinar
August 2019
UNSTOPPABLE; The NextGen ATM Wave of Innovation

Next-Gen ATM Blueprint 2019, Implementation Guide, Quickscan Model
Quickscan Model image
ATMIA EU Newsletter
August 2019
New European Board Membership RXL2020
Next-Gen-ATM BLUEPRINT 2019, version 1.5 Public Draft
NextGenATMIA Blueprint 2019, version 1.5 - public draft (June 2019)

It takes only 3 minutes to get up to speed, to understand the architecture basics of the Next Gen ATM Blueprint 2019.

ATMIA Global Webinar
April 2019
The Business Case for NextGen ATMs

Next-Gen Bundling cases presentation
White Paper
Voice of ATMIA US 2019
Voice of ATMIA-US 2019 Orlando
US 2019 conference banner logo ATMIA-US 2019 Conference (Orlando)
Workshop “Building a Strategy that includes NextGen” presentation
Implementation Guide
NextGenATMIA Implementation Guide version 0.4 (Q1 2019)
White Paper
Voice of ATMIA EU 2018
VOICE of ATMIA-EU 2018 Madrid
(No. 1 Whitepaper Download ATMIA December 2018)
Europe 2018 conference banner logo ATMIA-EU 2018 Conference (Madrid)
Workshop “Technology to Innovate” presentation
US 2018 conference banner logo ATMIA-US 2018 Conference (Las Vegas)
Workshop “Leverage Technology for UX-Innovation” presentation
US 2017 conference banner logo ATMIA-US 2017 Conference (Orlando)
Workshop “Alternative O/S and W10” presentation
Next-Gen-ATMIA QUICKSCAN Model (Workshop / Report)

Do you want to become Next-Gen-ATMIA ready ?

We developed a Next-Gen-ATM Quickscan Model, which will deliver you a Next-Gen-ATMIA Report to guide your company towards Next-Gen-ATM.

This report will guide you, your company and customer proposition towards NextGen ATM. Where to leverage on NextGenATM benefits and where to differentiate, provide direction to all ATM channel projects on your company roadmap to become efficient and effective NextGen ATM through bundling cases, including the financial business case.

QUICKSCAN Model image

① INPUT Next-Gen ATMIA documents

② Your company Next-Gen ATM channel; Target Operating Model

③ Your company Next-Gen ATM channel; Target Blueprint

④ Your company Next-Gen ATM channel; (Roadmap) Bundling Projects

⑤ Your company Next-Gen ATM channel; Business Case Bundling projects

⑥ OUTPUT Next-Gen ATMIA Quickscan Report (incl. step 1-5 results)

Send an email or give us a call how we can support your Next-Gen ATMIA Quickscan journey.


Check our presentations during ATMIA events in the USA and Europe or during global webinars.

Events 2017 2018 2019
ATMIA US US Conference 2017 bannerAlternative O/S and W10 US Conference 2018 bannerLeverage Technolody for UX-Innovation US Conference 2019 bannerBuilding a Strategy that includes NextGen
ATMIA EU   Europe Conference 2018 bannerTechnology to Innovate Europe Conference 2019 bannerAll Roads Leads to NextGenATMIA
ATMIA Global Webinar    


ATM Consulting & Training Services

ATMIA approved consultants are experts in all areas of the ATM and payments arenas. They are available to assist your business in addressing a wide range of issues, problems and challenges.

Contact our RXL2020 ATMIA Approved Consultant
Marcel Ficken to solve your issues, problems and challenges
especially around Next-Gen ATM.

ATMIA Consulting & Training

ATMIA Approved Consultant
Marcel Ficken MBA
+31 610 687 605

Reference Documents Next Gen ATM



Voice of ATMIA

The VOICE of ATMIA were introduced during the ATMIA Europe event in 2018 and used in the USA and Europe workshops. It represents the voting results of the ATMIA workshop audience about different trends and topics.

ATMIA-EU 2019 Rome

Published after “All Roads Lead to Next-Gen ATMIA” workshop in Q4 2019.

ATMIA-US 2019 Orlando

This whitepaper will provide you the highlights of my presentation during my workshop 5: The Next Big O/S Migration, Building a strategy that includes Next-Gen ATMs, including the vote results of the ATMIA US 2019 Orlando workshop audience.

ATMIA-EU 2018 Madrid (No. 1 Whitepaper Download ATMIA December 2018)

During my workshop presentation “Technology to Innovate using NextGenATM”,
we collected the Voice of ATMIA-Europe 2018 Madrid through the voting results of our audience.

If you are interested in the ATMIA Europe Madrid voting audience;

  1. background and topics of their interest,
  2. their view and progress of Windows 10 (O/S)
  3. how they think about NextGen ATM
  4. technology trends like Contactless, NFC, Biometrics, PSD2

you should download this report.

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