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Please look though our current and past newsletters for the United States region to keep up to date on latest news.

  • August, 2019

    Another round of ATMIA Academy scholarships 

    Renew your membership and contribute to the cause

    Another state gets on the Cashless Ban'd Wagon

    IAD Focus Group holds first meeting

  • July, 2019

    CNBC shoots another segment with ATMIA 

    New This Year – Sponsor the 2020 Fly-in

    Regulator meetings highlight bank account closure issues

    ATMIA U.S. annual conference update - Houston 2020 



  • June, 2019

    Keep up with the movement to ban cashless retail

    Since the last U.S. newsletter was published, there has been a significant event in the movement to ban cashless retail establishments.  Two different bills were introduced in the House on the same day last month; one by Rep. Donald Payne and another by Rep. David Cicilline.  Perhaps the biggest difference at the outset is that the former would be administered by banking/financial system regulators and the latter by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

  • May, 2019

    ATMIA USA has announced plans to launch a new security conference in the U.S. market.  The event is expected to be scheduled for late June, 2020.  A number of venues are being considered – primarily in the Minneapolis and Chicago areas.

    Visa scholarship winners

    Monitoring the efforts to ban cashless retail

    IAD bank account closure survey report now available


  • Bans on cashless retail businesses gaining ground

    Efforts to protect the consumer's right to pay with cash have made some significant gains in the past few weeks.  It has been reported that Amazon pivoted on its intentions to make all Amazon Go stores cashless.  Regardless of the reason, we commend them for this change in policy.  It keeps the doors open for millions of unbanked and underbanked consumers.

  • 2019 Annual Conference is a record breaker

    In fact, the 20th annual U.S. conference broke quite a few records.  Overall attendance of 1,132 exceeded last year's record in Las Vegas.  And the 105 exhibitors and sponsors filling the show floor was also a record.

  • February, 2019

    Cashless bans gain momentum  The efforts to ban retail establishments from refusing cash payments have really caught fire in the past few months.  The latest and perhaps most visible activity is in New York City and the state of New Jersey, where such measures have been introduced.  The stated motivation in these instances is that a cashless environment discriminates against the poor and the unbanked.

  • January, 2019

    You don't want to miss your 20th . . . The 20th annual ATMIA USA conference and expo, that is.  The industry's largest and premier event.  Expect to see over 1,200 of your colleagues and more than 100 sponsors and exhibitors, representing every segment of the ATM industry.  Getting the most out of this eventful-event is a simple four-step process.

  • December 2018
    Featured Article: A typical day on "the Hill"   A daily presence in Washington, DC is critical to having an impact, because it is not about “photo-opps” – it is about building relationships.  That takes time and begins with congressional staff, who sometimes have little understanding of the inner workings of our industry.

  • November 2018
    Featured Article: Our man in DC   Many ATMIA members might be surprised to learn that we have a permanent, daily presence in Washington, DC, in the form of Kurt Helwig, President and CEO of EFTA (the Electronic Funds Transfer Association). 

  • October 2018
    Featured Article: Monthly legislative calls open to all ATMIA USA members   As most of you are aware, ATMIA has a close relationship with EFTA.  They are based in Washington, DC and serve as our eyes and ears on federal government issues.

  • September 2018
    Featured Article: Proposed new tariffs poised to hit ATM industry  Tariffs have been in the news quite frequently in recent months.  Like many other industries, there is a considerable amount of ATM related manufacturing that takes place in China.

  • August 2018
    Featured Article: New ATM industry career center  Anticipation is building for the new ATM Industry Career Center – an additional resource that will soon be available to all ATM industry professionals.  More than just a job board, the Career Center includes robust tools for human resource managers, free access to job seekers, and helpful content for career planning.

  • July 2018
    Featured Article: New cash cycle infographic A new infographic titled “The ATM Money Laundering Myth” was recently released by ATMIA. It is designed to help independent ATM operators (IADs) discuss the inner workings of their business with prospective bankers who may not be very familiar with ATM operations.

  • June 2018
    Featured Article: The Next Big Thing Building on efforts to shed the need for repetitive operating system migrations and reduce the cost of innovation, ATM acquirers and manufacturers have coalesced into a Consortium that is developing a framework for the ATM of the future.  A cloud-based infrastructure will host app-based ATMs using modular components, relying on the customer's own mobile device as the interface.  

  • May 2018
    Featured Article: Wanted:  Speakers with a vision of Next-Gen ATMs Planning for the 2019 ATMIA U.S. conference is well underway.  We have a theme.  We have a Keynote speaker.  And we already have over 30 committed exhibitors.  Which means that it's also time to issue our Call for Speakers. 

  • April 2018
    Featured Article: Washington, DC fly-in a notable success Our recent fly-in event in Washington, DC. earlier this month was a great success.  A full schedule of eight meetings focused on members of the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.  And the trip ended with a very productive meeting at the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB). 

  • March 2018
    Featured Article: Legislative alerts resuming for all 50 states Thanks to a sponsorship by MetaBank, the legislative alert services of Stateside Associates have resumed for all ATMIA members.  Members began receiving current alerts again late last week.  All alerts that would have been sent from the beginning of the year will be recreated – Stateside is working on that process now. 

  • February 2018
    Featured Article: "Jackpotting" attacks add to ATM security concerns  Although ATM “jackpotting” has only just recently made an appearance in the U.S, ATMIA security committees and consultants have been devoting significant effort over the past twelve months to update key Best Practices manuals, which will assist U.S. ATM operators in combatting this new threat.  In addition, we are working with the FBI and cyber-security experts to develop additional anti-jackpotting strategies. 

  • January 2018
    Featured Article: ATM industry to gather soon in Las Vegas  The countdown clock is ticking – less than 14 days remaining before the entire ATM industry coalesces around Las Vegas for the 19th annual U,S. conference and expo.  And we do mean the entire industry. Exhibitors and attendees represent all sectors of the ATM business – well beyond the deployers and manufacturers that often take center stage. 

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