Pictogram Case Studies

Welcome to case studies and stories about the global roll-out of the ATM pictogram.

Pictogram Hits the Philippines

MegaLink's Pictogram Strategy
MegaLink Inc. (Philippines) plan to promote the ATM symbol in the following ways.

  1. Released articles to newspapers informing the public on the new symbol.
  2. Release letters or memos to ATM network members encouraging them to integrate the ATM symbol in all their ATM signage.
  3. Release letters to malls and other establishments which have ATMs encouraging them to integrate the ATM symbol in all their ATM signage.
  4. Provide ATM symbol stickers/decals for placement near ATMs or on ATM signage to ATM network members and establishments with ATMs.
  5. Produce follow-up article to be published on newspapers showing pictures of ATMs/ATM signage adopting the ATM symbol. Proposed article will feature why the member or establishment adopted the sign and the changes noticed since adopting the sign.
First PREMIER Bank Version of the Pictogram

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