Why Sponsorships are Beneficial for Businesses


It is an excellent way to offer industry support while boosting your business’ profile at the same time. ATMIA knows you have several options when it comes to sponsorships and investing your money, however if your company is looking for a new marketing strategy then sponsorship holds many benefits.

Increases Brand Awareness
Sponsoring is a great way to instantly improve your brand awareness, especially for newly created companies. Sponsoring ATMIA will provide you awareness for one year and targets the region of the world you are focusing on.

Promotes a Positive Image
Sponsoring is a great way to build credibility and promote a positive image of your business. It will show the business in a caring light. It is a worthwhile step up from just being a member.

When consumers and potential clients see your brand behind ATMIA, it will create a heightened sense of trust and increase its credibility. It appeals to people’s human nature and shows that your business is interested in the industry and its well-being, in some cases distinguishing it against competitors.

Captures a Wider Demographic
ATMIA will work with you to determine a target market, but the sponsorship will also provide a great opportunity to capture a wider demographic. It helps put your brand name in front of people who wouldn’t give your business a second thought, which can help win over some new clients.

Receive a Good Return on Investment
Sponsorship may not lead to direct financial reward; that is not the point of it. Hopefully it will lead to a hike in sales through the promotional exposure it generates, that in many ways works out as a decent return on the initial sponsorship investment. This can work out cheaper than more traditional marketing and advertisement strategies.

For a cost-effective way to boost your business’ image and performance it is worth investigating ATMIA sponsorship opportunities either Regionally or Globally. Rather than ploughing a lot of profit into the same old marketing strategies, this can deliver enhanced results over time.

For more information on sponsorships and how you can get started, contact Dana Benson ([email protected]) at +1 605 582 7058.


Sponsorship Opportunities

It is important to evaluate each opportunity and look for ways ATMIA can tie into your marketing objectives. ATMIA offers 2 different types of Sponsorships: Global and Regional.  Please choose the one that fits you best and review the benefits associated with each.

A. Regional Sponsorships (choose one region to focus your marketing)

 B. Global Sponsorship

If you are interested in any sponsorship options or you have any questions, contact Dana Benson, Director of Conferences & Sponsorships at +1-605-582-7058 or at [email protected].

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