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Celebrating 25 years of shaping the ATM Industry

For 25 years, the ATM Industry Association has been diligently working to advance the interests of the industry and provide real value for our members. Whether it be our conferences, webinars or industry resources, ATMIA is dedicated to providing members with the tools they need to succeed.

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Member of the Month 

July and August 2022  - Electronic Payment and Services (P) Ltd.

Electronic Payment and Services (P) Ltd. is a leading payment system company founded in 2011 by veterans from the Banking, Technology, Retail, Oil & Gas industries. EPS is headquartered in Mumbai, the financial hub of India and was launched to bridge the gap in demand for efficient, secure and technology driven products and services for the banking industry. 

EPS specializes in the retail banking & technology domain and is highly adept at end-to-end Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Operations & Outsourcing Services, ATM Managed Services Centre (24x7x365), Transaction Processing Services and Card Management Services thereby enabling banks to concentrate on core banking functions.

Our team of specialists and professionals driving EPS has more than 140 years combined industry experience in the retail payment sector and have pioneered various initiatives in the ATM & Payment industry in India i.e. 1st ATM installed in India for HSBC in 1987, 1st shared ATM network ‘Swadhan’ by India Switch Company in 1997, 1st of its kind transaction based ATM business model for Brown Label ATMs in India, deployed the 1st live ATM in Mumbai for the Ministry of Finance Project in July 2012 etc.

EPS has built a firm reputation on delivering results, reliability and dependability of our business services and commitment for excellence to a majority of Public Sector Banks across the country and established its project execution skills by successfully deploying over 4200 ATMs in urban and rural locations, in union with the Ministry of Finance (Govt. of India) led mission for Financial Inclusion and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) Scheme in India between 2012 - 2014.

ATMIA congratulates them for being loyal Board members since 2015.

This is what they had to say about ATMIA:

What is the key value you and your company want to get out of ATMIA in the year ahead?

EPS always look ahead to embrace new opportunities in ATM space, enhancing global networking prospects, maximizing participation in knowledge programs, enriching internal competitiveness and be recognized through our association with ATMIA.

What does your firm feel is the one or more of the key benefits of your ATMIA Membership?

We see our membership has taken us ahead in catalyzing excellence, innovation and productivity in and around ATM space. The membership facilitates us in our quest to enhance business opportunities and develop newer markets.

Do you attend and find value in our Events?

EPS wishes to participate in more of significant platforms in seeking – Thought Leadership and content building opportunities to contribute and gain value in shaping up the ATM industry for the road ahead.

Would you provide a basic quote on the value of belonging to ATMIA since (insert year) please?

By Mani Mamallan – Chairman and Managing Director of EPS Pvt Ltd


“EPS has successfully completed 10 years in payments ecosystem and thrived to support India’s major banks with continual innovation and assured delivery system. We value our association with ATMIA (since 2015) that has helped us building world-class technological efficiencies and sharpened our insights in managing customer’s futuristic requirements. In the pursuit of transforming ATM industry, we believe our camaraderie will continue to go long.”

The following letter was sent to the South African Reserve Bank by ATMIA regarding acceptance of cash payments in South Africa's retail sector

Please see letter attached here


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ATMIA offers live and on-demand webinars to provide interactive and media-rich presentations on current and hot topics for the ATM industry.

We invite you to participate and help us provide the industry original, essential, topical and unbiased information. Webinars will be presented via a web-based tool with an audio component as well. Sessions are 60 minutes and can be attended from your office.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

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