Extreme ATMs
Extreme ATMs

Extreme ATM Gallery

Welcome to the Extreme ATMs Gallery celebrating amazing deployments across the world from Antarctica to the desert, from a ski resort in Canada to the Forbidden City in China. Have fun viewing these extraordinary ATMs.

  • The Antarctic ATM
  • The Arctic Moolah Machines
  • The Desert ATM in the Australian Outback
  • The ATM Even Hurricane Katrina Couldn’t
  • The Remote Alaskan ATM
  • Flying ATM Services in Remote Paraguay
  • ATM at the Forbidden City, China
  • The Golden ATM
  • The Forest ATM
  • The Trailer ATMs
  • The Golf Cart ATM
  • Greenland in Minus 35-40 Degree
  • The Smith and Wesson ATM
  • Horseback ATM Cash Withdrawal
  • The Blue ATM
  • The Garage Door ATM
  • The Elephant ATM
  • The Extreme Wrap ATM
  • The Agricultural ATM
  • The Piggy ATM
  • A Cake ATM
  • The Privacy ATMs
  • The Ski-thru ATM
  • Is this the world's most beautiful ATM?

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