atmia industry awards

ATMIA is proud to honor those who prove themselves as leaders in the ATM industry through our annual industry awards.Below are the award categories and past winners.

2017 Award Winners
2017 Award Winners

Outstanding Service Award

Awards criteria:

  1. Long-term positive influence on improving the industry
  2. Excellence in technology or levels of service
  3. Leader in applying best practice
  4. Specific and measurable achievements producing tangible results

2017 Winners

  • Donna Embry - Payment Alliance International
  • Steve Gernes - Elan Financial Services
  • Greg Sahrmann - Payment Alliance International

Past Winners

  • Raymond Ching - NationalLink Inc (2016)
  • LeRoy Huntimer - MetaBank (2016)
  • Roger Myers - Switch Commerce (2016)
  • Elizabeth Bohlen - Pueblo Bank & Trust (2015)
  • Jack Milford Ford - Attorney at Law (2015)
  • Peter Kulik - Citibank (2014)
  • Dr. Aravinda Korala - KAL (2014)
  • Susan Matt - ThoughtKey, Inc. (2013)
  • Terry Dooley - ITS, Inc. (Shazam) (2013)
  • John Del Giudice - Bank of America (2012)
  • Jeff Matthews - eGlobal (2012)
  • EFTA (2012)
  • Cardtronics (2012)
International Consultant of the Year

Award chosen from among ATMIA endorsed consultants by the Executive Committee of the ATMIA Consulting practice.

2017 Winners

  • Douglas Russell - DFR Risk Management Ltd.

Previous Winners

  • Eric de Putter - Payment Redesign (2016)
  • Eric de Putter - Payment Redesign (2015)
  • Francesco Burelli - (2014)
  • Andrew Jamieso - UL Transaction Security (2012)
Lifetime Achievement Award

Award winners are selected by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors to worthy individuals with at least 10 years’ service to the ATM industry and who have upheld the good name of the industry and made exceptional contributions to its long-term welfare.

Exceptional Achievement Award

2017 Winners

  • Peggy Olson - Strategic Marketing
  • Peter Kulik - Citibank
  • Aravinda Korala - KAL

ATM industry champions make the industry a better place through thought leadership, positive approach and constructive impact. Their work benefits the industry and spurs on innovation, progress and professionalization. A positive industry impacts favorably on society and humanity.

View our growing list of ATM Industry Champions.

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