ATM Industry Champions
ATM Industry Champions


ATM industry champions make the industry a better place through thought leadership, positive approach and constructive impact. Their work benefits the industry and spurs on innovation, progress and professionalization. We celebrate recipients who are listed in chronological order of award.

Betsy Bohlen Photo

Betsy Bohlen

Senior Vice President

Evolve Bank & Trust
Chris Chandler Photo Access Cash General Partnership (EZEE ATM) Logo

Chris Chandler

President & CEO

Access Cash General Partnership (EZEE ATM)
Gavin Napier Photo ATM Guru (Australia) Logo

Gavin Napier


ATM Guru (Australia)
Michael Keller Photo Cardtronics Logo

Michael Keller

General Counsel

Douglas Russell Photo DFR Risk Management Ltd. Logo

Douglas Russell


DFR Risk Management Ltd.
Donna Embry Photo Evolve Bank & Trust Logo

Donna Embry

Senior Vice President, Global Payment Strategies, Payment Processing Division

Evolve Bank & Trust


Embry Consulting, LLC
Jeff Matthews Photo Grant Victor Logo

Jeff Matthews


Grant Victor
Mark Yip Photo GRG Banking Equipment Co. Ltd. Logo

Mark Yip

Managing Director of GRGBanking Equipment Co., Ltd.

GRG Banking Equipment Co. Ltd.
Bill Jackson Photo GRG International Logo

Bill Jackson

Chief Technical Officer

GRG International
Tom Harper Photo Networld Media Group Logo

Tom Harper

Founding Director of ATMIA and President & CEO

Networld Media Group
Tim Wildash Photo Next Payments Logo

Tim Wildash

Chief Executive Officer

Next Payments
John J. Leehy, III Photo Payment Alliance International, Inc. Logo

John J. Leehy, III

Former Chairman & CEO

Payment Alliance International, Inc.
Daryl Cornell Photo Triton Systems of Delaware, LLC Logo

Daryl Cornell

President & CEO

Triton Systems of Delaware, LLC
Marc Sternberg Photo Spark ATM Systems Logo

Marc Sternberg

Managing Director

Spark ATM Systems
Mani Mamallan Photo Electronic Payment And Services (P) Ltd. Logo

Mani Mamallan

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Electronic Payment And Services (P) Ltd.
Steven Kark Photo Paycorp Logo

Steven Kark

Founder and Group CEO

Aravinda Korala Photo KAL Logo

Aravinda Korala


David R. Charles Sr. Photo Cash Depot, 1st ISO Processing and SRL2, Inc. Logo

David R. Charles Sr.


Cash Depot, 1st ISO Processing and SRL2, Inc.
Danford Mbilinyi Photo UmojaSwitch Logo

Danford Mbilinyi


Reinhard Rabenstein Photo Diebold Nixdorf Logo

Reinhard Rabenstein

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Member of the Executive Board

Diebold Nixdorf
Peter Kulik Photo Citibank Logo

Peter Kulik

Director, Digital ATM

Ana Stewart Photo i-design Logo

Ana Stewart

Managing Director

Nigel Constable Photo NoteMachine Logo

Nigel Constable

Chief Operating Officer

Clive Nation Photo Cennox Logo

Clive Nation

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Kandah Photo NationalLink Logo

Sam Kandah


Steve Hensley Photo KAL Logo

Steve Hensley

Executive Vice President, Global Sales

Véronique Delsalle Photo Atima Logo

Véronique Delsalle


LeRoy Huntimer Photo MetaBank - Meta Payment Systems Logo

LeRoy Huntimer

Director of ATM and POS Sponsorship

MetaBank - Meta Payment Systems
Pat Detlefsen Photo MetaBank - Meta Payment Systems Logo

Pat Detlefsen

Senior Relationship Manager - ATM

MetaBank - Meta Payment Systems


Honorary ATM Industry Champions
James Shepherd-Barron Photo Disaster Management & Disaster Epidemiology Logo

James Shepherd-Barron

Consultant, Co-Chair, ATMIA 'Cash Access in Crises' committee, son of ATM inventor, John Shepherd-Barron

Disaster Management & Disaster Epidemiology
Suzanne Cluckey Photo Logo

Suzanne Cluckey

Pat Telford Photo Microsoft Consulting Services Logo

Pat Telford

Principal Consultant

Microsoft Consulting Services
Bernardo Batiz-Lazo Photo Bangor University (Wales) Logo

Bernardo Batiz-Lazo

Professor of Business History and Bank Management

Bangor University (Wales)
Alan Fryrear Photo Networld Media Group Logo

Alan Fryrear


Networld Media Group
Detective Superintendent Murray Chapman Photo NSW Police (Australia) Logo

Detective Superintendent Murray Chapman

Commander - Property Crime Squad State Crime Command

NSW Police (Australia)
Jack Milford Ford Photo  Logo

Jack Milford Ford

Attorney at Law

Susan Matt Photo ThoughtKey, Inc. Logo

Susan Matt


ThoughtKey, Inc.
Kurt Helwig Photo EFTA Logo

Kurt Helwig

President & CEO

David Cavell Photo  Logo

David Cavell

International Retail Banking Consultant

Richard Gould Photo Lockit Systems (Aust) P/L Logo

Richard Gould


Lockit Systems (Aust) P/L
Simon Gentry Photo Newgate Communications Logo

Simon Gentry


Newgate Communications
Sam Ditzion Photo Tremont Capital Group Logo

Sam Ditzion


Tremont Capital Group
Christopher Klein Photo

Christopher Klein

Industry pioneer from 1975-2005

Mike Hudson Photo

Mike Hudson


MF Hudson Associates
Lars Arfvidson Photo

Lars Arfvidson

Through the Swedish Bankomat in the 1960s, made a pioneering contribution to the birth and early development of ATMs.

Lainey Feingold Photo Law Office of Lainey Feingold Logo

Lainey Feingold

For pioneering work in the history of Talking ATMs

Law Office of Lainey Feingold
Peggy Olson Photo Strategic Marketing Logo

Peggy Olson

President & CEO

Strategic Marketing
Peter Cordiner Photo Reslam Logo

Peter Cordiner

Managing Member

Ken Metcalf Photo Reslam Logo

Ken Metcalf

Chief Technology Officer

Mario Sist Photo UL Transaction Security Logo

Mario Sist

Principal Consultant

UL Transaction Security
Leland Englebardt Photo

Leland Englebardt

Practice Leader, Financial Services

Upshot Advisors LLC

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