Global ATM Pictogram CamPaign

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This is ATMIA's official global ATM pictogram. It has been successfully tested in three cultures - the United Kingdom, Iran and Korea as part of the registration process with the International Organization for Standardization for creating a global public sign or standard symbol for the ATM.

ATMIA would like to thank the following people for playing significant roles in the development of the pictogram:

  • Andy Kitt, formerly of NCR, who designed the winning entry for the pictogram design competition in 2001
  • Professor Yukio Ota of Tama Art University in Tokyo, creator of the international public sign for the fire escape and emergency exit, for adjudicating and selecting the winning design and recommending actions for ATMIA to take to register the design as a public sign
  • Mr Barry Gray, chairman of the British Standards Institute, who personally fine-tuned the winning design, advised ATMIA and then passed it on to the Design Research Unit at the BSI
  • Wendy Wilsher, a designer at the Design Research Unit, who created the final design, based on Andy Kitt's pictogram, which received the highest ratings in all three countries during testing for comprehensibility
  • Dr Jeremy Foster of the Department of Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University for his friendly and professional management of the complex testing process across three different cultures

This is ATMIA's official graphic for the famous and popular self-service device. Please use this to advertise the presence of an ATM whenever you can. The pictogram dynamically portrays the reason for the existence of the ATM. It will make sense to people regardless of language, culture, gender or age. It will draw people to the whereabouts of the machines in public places and reinforce the identity of the ATM.

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