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ATMIA Academy Testimonials

Don't take it just from us. Hear from those in the industry and what they think of the ATM Operators training.

“Completing the ATM Operator training through ATMIA was very rewarding for several reasons; the curriculum design and various subjects provided valuable information and the tools to help expand my knowledge of the ATM industry, including policies and procedures necessary for greater teamwork and productive business management.  I would recommend this training to anyone in the ATM industry as a tool for personal and professional growth due to the quality of content and the ease of navigation within the system. “- Randi Brandi, Assistant Controller-Vault Manager, Meirtran, Inc.

“Through the training courses for ATM Operators provided by ATMIA, not only was I able to reinforce and refresh my knowledge of the industry basics, I also learned the mechanics to which I had not been previously exposed. I strongly recommend this course study for all participants in the industry.  These courses are a great educational value,”- Amy Coulson, ISO Manager, Pueblo Bank & Trust

“The ATMIA ATM Operators training is a great tool for everyone in the ATM business. The course was very informative and helped with everything from compliance to cash loading. It will help our company set policies and procedures in place that we didn’t have before. 
This course will be beneficial to everyone working with ATMs. From the novice to the experienced. It’s recommended training at our company.”
- Andy Dunford, Director of Operations, Venco Business Solutions

"Lodgepole ATM believes in providing relevant and current education for all our staff. The ATMIA Academy certification will allow us to continue to differentiate ourselves in the market. As the ATM industry continues to mature, it is more important than ever to be able to show customers your differentiated value proposition. The certification will greatly contribute to that effort.

As we researched ATM industry learning opportunities, the ATMIA Academy curriculum was by far the most robust and up to date. The range of courses for all the roles in our organization is unmatched based on our research. The cost of the training is a bargain when compared to sending several staff to a classroom training."
                                                                                                                              - Jon Pratt, CEO, Lodgepole ATM

"I took the ATM Operations Manager training course because ATMs are always more complicated than people give them credit for. The content ensured I understood all components of the operations of the ATM to help guarantee that I was managing my own fleet effectively. I would recommend the training to anyone who has not “grown up” in the industry and touches ATMs in some way."
- Erin Kolb, VP-ATM Channel Manager, TCF National Bank

“The ATMIA ATM Operators Course has broadened my technical knowledge and exposed me to various facets of the ATM industry. The online course is user friendly, informative and applicable to my position at Spark ATM Systems. I am confident that the skills gained have enabled me to provide an improved service to our clients. I am grateful for the development opportunity and highly recommend the course to individuals within the ATM and banking industry.”- Riyaadh Alexander, Contact Centre Team Leader, Spark ATM Systems

"In our ever changing industry, it’s wonderful to have these educational tools available for introducing a new employee into the industry or as a refresher for a seasoned industry professional. As an ISO Sponsor Bank, we understand the need for quality resources that can be available to industry participants at times that are most convenient to them. I was pleased with the level of detail that these online courses contained and the training modules were very user friendly. We can always count on ATMIA to provide quality education to the various constituents in our industry."
- Jamie Bigley, Senior Vice President, Prosperity Bank

"I found the program content informative (and up to date!), the online training easy to use and frankly it was fun.  The course took my current knowledge and provided context in addition to adding information.  What I liked best was the end of module questions that tested  comprehension.  The questions were clearly designed to ensure the salient points are absorbed.  I recommended this course to anyone that is in the ATM industry.  It provides current information and enhances professionalism."
- Patrick Harrigan, Business Development Executive, KICTeam

“A standarised training for ATM Operators was a missing element for the industry. I am proud that ATMIA has lead the industry in this initiative with an easy to use, on-line format. The training accurately covers the day to day duties for this position and is a must for all in this position to take.”
                                       - George Athanasakis, Director, Australian Technology Management Pty Ltd  

"ATMIA has again led the way with it’s ATM operations training sessions.  Packed with important information, instruction and guidance round key roles in the business of ATMs, this training is a “must do” for new entrants and existing members of the ATM industry.  The on-line sessions are completed quickly, easy to use and can be attempted in an order that’s appropriate or convenient for the participant.
As an Australian industry pioneer, I would gladly commend these courses to the global members of the ATM industry/community."
                                                                                                                               - Gavin Napier, Bank of Queensland

“Leadership is paramount to how we run our business.  Our mission is to be on the cutting edge of ATM operating practices in the Canadian industry. Only through this extensive training can we maintain our service excellence which is cornerstone to our corporate stewardship. Our team welcomes the future with optimism as we continue to expand our expertise with ATMIA,”- Peter Gregory, President, Peter Gregory ATMs

"I am an ATMIA-approved consultant, and therefore have a responsibility not only to demonstrate expertise in the services I provide, but also in my understanding of the responsibilities and challenges of all the stakeholders, and the best practices applied or recommended in the Industry. In line with this responsibility, I decided to register for the ATM Operators’ training program. 
I made the right decision. The high-quality content and presentation of the 164 sessions provided an excellent overview of the challenges, opportunities and best practices inherent in each area. It was so engaging that I felt consistently drawn in to the exercises and at no point did I feel that the training was “long” or “dragging on”.
I can recommend this course both to novices and to experienced professionals in the ATM industry who want to refresh their existing knowledge or enhance their understanding."
                                                                                                                - Daniel Buetler, Buetler Keystone Consulting

“Being a business owner who is relatively new to this industry, the program really helped open my eyes to, and help me prepare for, larger issues I'm going to encounter as my business grows.”- Eric Barnstein, Apogee Business Solutions

“As a Sponsor Financial Institution for the ATM Industry, we recognize the importance of understanding the various components within this payment segment. Recognizing the ATM business from all views, allows us the opportunity to connect and offer our clients relative products and services, as well as be able to communicate effectively. We are very pleased that Amy Coulson, Operations Manager, has completed the course, as it has provided her and our Division a valuable perspective of the ATM industry.”- Betsy Bohlen, VP of ISO Sponsorship Services, Pueblo Bank & Trust

“From ADA and EMV to Windows migrations, our industry is in a constant state of evolution and improvement. The training offered by ATMIA is a critical tool in keeping ATM operators, both banks and IADs, current on industry trends and the effects changes and improved standards will have on business operations.
In an age of data breaches and extensive card fraud, a well-educated and informed ATM industry helps build integrity, expertise and visibility to professional ATM operations worldwide. As the world leader in retail ATM operations and a global sponsor of ATMIA, Cardtronics is proud to participate in the training offered by ATMIA.”- Bill Knoll, Executive Vice President, Allpoint Network and Bank Branding, Cardtronics USA

“In my training as both and educator and attorney, I have long recognized the value and importance of knowledge and information.  In the early days of the non-bank ATM deployer marketplace, IADs large and small alike struggled to stay current and compliant on national, state, and local regulatory requirements as well as network and industry standards but it was especially difficult for the smaller IAD with limited budgets and resources to gain access to this important industry data.  This information and knowledge gap has been largely closed thanks in no small part to the new industry training and certification programs now offered by ATMIA.  These informative and cost effective programs can provide IADs with a knowledge base that could otherwise take years to obtain.  If you want to get a “jump-start” on the ATM industry, I hope you will consider participating in one of ATMIA’s new training and certification programs!”- Lloyd Chatham, Vice-President & Corporate Counsel, Payment Alliance International, Inc.

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