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USA Industry Views

Below is a sampling of what US ATM industry leaders are saying about the work being performed by ATMIA in the U.S. and why their companies feel it is so important to contribute to the ATMIA U.S. Advocacy Fund.

With all ATM industry eyes focused on EMV timelines, Durbin compliance and interchange, we must not forget that one piece of legislation limiting ATM surcharging such as the amendment proposed by Senator Tom Harkin (D, IA) in 2010 could put U.S. independent ATM deployers out of business.

That's why Triton supports ATMIA and their efforts to protect the health and vitality of the ATM industry.

—  Daryl Cornell - President & CEO, Triton

Our biggest challenge is the disconnect between the people who want to regulate our businesses and consumers that have become reliant on our industry. There is no way any single ATM operator can establish and maintain the relationships with each of the important constituent groups to protect the viability of our industry.

Grant Victor recognizes this and we budget for U.S. Advocacy Fund contributions each year, and encourage our management team to get actively involved with ATMIA committees.

I encourage other operators to do the same.

—  Jeff Matthews, Grant Victor

We are all concerned about legislators and regulators, who don’t understand our industry, yet make decisions that affect how we earn a living and provide for our families.

We can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines! I challenge every U.S. ATM deployer and operator to become an active part of the solution by donating to the U.S. Advocacy Fund.                                                                             

—  Bryan Bauer, Kahuna ATM Solutions

With all the issues facing our industry —  EMV migration, reductions in interchange and serial plaintiffs looking to cash in just to name  a few — and pressure on Congress and state legislatures to increase revenue, supporting the U.S. Advocacy Fund is vital to the future of our industry.

—  Haze Lancaster, ATM USA

In today’s uncertain political environment it’s absolutely critical that we have a strong association looking out for our interests on Capitol Hill.

ATMIA did a great job getting the fee sticker legislation passed last year. That's a perfect example of the type of representation we need, and that’s why AOneATM supports the U.S. Advocacy Fund.

—  Vance Rowland, AOneATM

Between increased legislation and decreased network interchange, it's more important than ever to contribute to your company's future.

I donate every year because the ATMIA and their attorneys have our back.

—  Brad Zerman, Sky Processing


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