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What's Happening Iconone event not to be missed in 2018

ATMIA will be hosting the Australian event on 12th & 13th September at the Grace Hotel, Sydney.

The ATM industry in Australia is transforming rapidly: from changes with Next Generation Banknote to the removal of ATM fees by Banks has significantly altered the ATM industry landscape. There has never been a more important time to attend this event. The theme for this event is "Innovation in a time of change" which we believe effectively captures the mood of the industry for this region.

The portal is now open for registrations offering Early Bird Rates click here.

If anyone would like further details for marketing and sponsorship opportunities available at this event, please contact

Invitations are still open for presenters at this eventWe are looking for practical, insightful presentations that are topical, research based and content-driven. Sales pitches are not allowed. To submit a topic, please complete the Call for Speaker Web Form. Please remember that the sessions should be educational, informational, and relevant for the delegates attending the event.  

Each session will be allotted approximately 30-40 minutes of time.  All proposals will be reviewed by our Speaker Committee, which will work with ATMIA staff to select the most interesting and appropriate content for the conference.  For additional information please contact Sandra Smith, Executive Director for ATMIA Asia Pacific, 61 424 300 660 or Dana Benson, Director of Conferences and Sponsorships, 605-582-7058.

Please note: ATMIA greatly appreciates speakers donating their time and knowledge; however, we cannot reimburse or pay for a speaker’s travel or accommodations.  All speakers will receive a complimentary pass to the conference. Sending in a session proposal does not guarantee a speaking slot. You must be contacted and confirmed as a speaker by the conference organizers. 

What to expect in 2nd Quarter for 2018

  • Our Strategic Direction Committee that was held in March proved to be productive were the committee explored a number of pertinent issue, including ATMIAs plan for the region, the ongoing rollout of the Next Generation Banknote programme, insights to IADs in the Middle East and Africa. The NSW police also shared a report on crime against ATMs and emphaised their hotline Number: 1800 725 632. Members are reminded to utilize the 1800 Number set up by the NSW Police Property Crime Squad immediately a multi-alarm activation is detected at an ATM site. A protocol is in place that should NSWPF respond to an 1800 number call, they will remain on site, form a perimeter until the site is fully examined. This may require the assistance of key holders to attend. This service has been provided by NSW Police Force to ensure an immediate response to ATM alarms in the Sydney, Central Coast, Nowra and Newcastle regions. 
  • The next Strategic Direction Committee is scheduled for June 2018, all relevent information will be forward to our members in due course.




SZZT Electronics

SZZT Electronics Co., LTD has focused on top quality secure payment and self-service terminal products for over 20 years in China. We started as a small operation, but now have become one of the leading suppliers in China.
Today, SZZT Electronics Co., LTD has been one of the top producers of quality secure payment and self-service terminal products, such as: EPP (Encrypting PIN Pad), POS (Point of Sales), and Kiosk.

To read more click here

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Branch Transformation - Bank 3.0
Technology advancement brings forth paradigm shift in the financial industry's competitive landscape and rule of the game. Records, newspapers, books, videos and other traditional media sees itsdecline and gradually replaced by tablet PC in light of the phenomenon growth of digital technlogy.The impact of mobile/digital technology has brought disruptive change to bank's customer behaviorand its operating environment. According to the father of global banking innovation, Brett King, theso-called Bank 3.0 era has dawned. Banks will face unprecendented impact and changes. Brett Kingdiscusses the future of the bank's business model in his latest book titled "Bank 3.0: Why Banking Is No Longer Somewhere You Go But Something You Do"  It is essential for banks to prepare themselves to meet the disruptive challenges and make a change so as to survive. Reference Book.



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