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The ATM Industry continues to show great resilience as the reality of life in a pandemic sets in. ATMIA has been working hard to ensure the industry remains strong during these testing times, advancing the benefits of cash and promoting the importance of ATMs in a balanced and reliable payments system.

We have contacted the Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, alongside all his State and Territory counterparts to address the anti-cash message entering into official medical advice. In our message, we emphasised that the costs of the advice to use tap and go technology greatly outweigh the marginal, and scientifically unproven benefits.

We have also been working to gain momentum in favour of cash use in partnership with other assosciations. The Australasian Convenience Stores Association and C&I Retail Magazine have agreed to run ATMIA’s media statement regarding the use of cash during the pandemic, and we look forward to co-operating with many more organisations to ensure the truth reaches the community: cash is a safe and secure payment method!

The next step of our campaign during this pandemic will be to contact major Australian retail companies to impress upon them the importance of cash. As we have done previously, we will emphasise a lack of scientific evidence supporting the idea that cash is more dangerous than card, and highlight the many disadvantages that will follow if cash is banned from their business as a payment method. Click here -Cash Fact Vs Fiction media release.


Important Notice:  

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Sydney event is rescheduled:  

Next Gen ATMs and Payments conference will now be held on 9th/10th December 

This event will provide industry stakeholders the opportunity to harness unique strengths, addressing the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing industry. It's only through harnessing innovation and continuing to address evolving industry issues can the industry continue to thrive. For further details related to registration, marketing and sponsorship opportunities available, please click here.



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Our founding Director/Senior Technician John Jaffe has over 15 years experience in supplying and servicing ATMs in Western Australia.
After many years as an ATM technician, servicing and maintaining ATMs for major deployers, John Jaffe identified a deficiency in the operation of some ATM companies (which were largely eastern states based) specifically response times, customer service and ongoing support.

With this in mind, he set out to create a locally based company to service WA alone. This has proven to be a very welcome change for clients who have had problem ATMs for many years. After making the switch to Kismet, they are now experiencing a personal rapport with John who is the first point of call and has a vested interest in keeping their ATM up and running consistently. To read more click here

Updates Next Generation Banknotes in 2020



  • Effective February the RBA revealed the designed of the New $20 banknote. Click here for more details. 
  • Effective April: RBA:NGB100 Transportation Banknote Orders is now open
  • Effective May: the latest newsletter from the RBA click here
  • Effective June: New $20 Assurance Banknotes Orders is now Open :click here
  • Effective August: Update from the RBA click here
  • Effective October : New $20 Enters General Circulation.
  • Effective end October: New $100 Test material for banknote equipment manufactuers.
  • Update November 2019
  • Effective end December $100 transportation notes will be made available for order around April and the first print run of $100 production banknotes will be available at the end of 2019. RBAs Industry Engagement Hub click here


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