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What to expect in April   2024What's Happening Icon 

This month began with an essential reminder of the ongoing relevance of cash: Cash Day Tuesday on 2 April 2024. This day has been promoted in the media and social media to encourage people to withdraw cash and support small businesses by making cash payments. Apart from being a valuable reminder of the role of cash in the payment system in providing a secure, reliable and private means of making payments, it is also a powerful way to support small businesses struggling in an environment where mounting fees associated with cashless payment methods are lowering their profit margins. Given the ongoing debate surrounding the role of cash, this message must be repeated every day of the year as we continue in the fight against calls for a cashless society.


I want to bring to your attention some upcoming events in this region for you to consider:

  • 30th April - Strategic Direction Committee Direction. We are addressing the following industry issues:
    • Senate Inquiry to Bank Closures in Regional Australia – due to be released in May 2024.
    • Treasury review of Australia’s Payment System – ATMIA will monitor developments in this space.
    • The NSW Cashless Poker Machines is scheduled to start in 2024. It is expected to report to the NSW Government in November 2024. All members will be forwarded relevant info for this forum.
  • A one-day industry event to be held in Sydney - dates to be confirmed.
  • ATMIA will continue to inform members of updates from law enforcement and the Australian Federal Police.
  • ATMIA, in collaboration with the Asian Cash Management Association, is updating the Best Practices for Securing Deposit and Cash Recycling.

Let’s continue to work together and mark 2024 as a year of opportunities.

Member of the Month

Congratulations to Bank South Pacific for being selected as the April Member of the Month for the Asia Pacific Region. BSP has been a loyal Associate member of ATMIA for 8 years. 

We have knowledge, history, experience and a commitment to the region that other financial institutes cannot offer. At BSP, we're proud of our whole of bank capabilities whereby our teams in Corporate, Retail, Paramount and Treasury.

BSP has the largest branch network in Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu with branches and sub branches in cities and towns in these countries and also in remote rural locations. Our branch network is complemented by electronic banking networks. This capability is unmatched by our competitors.

Check out their website for additional information and services offered. 





Growing The Industry Through Collaboration

Signs promoting the use of cash at retail outlets are popping up everywhere. Anyone interest in getting these signs for free or passing on to interested parties are encouraged to contact the Cash Welcome Group click here.

Get FREE Signs



Updates from the RBA in 2023 



Updates Next Generation Banknotes in 2022

Updates Next Generation Banknotes in 2020 / 2021

Updates Next Generation Banknotes in 2019

  • Effective February the RBA revealed the designed of the New $20 banknote.
  • Effective April: RBA:NGB100 Transportation Banknote Orders is now open
  • Effective May: the latest newsletter from the RBA
  • Effective June: New $20 Assurance Banknotes Orders is now Open
  • Effective August: Update from the RBA
  • Effective end December $100 transportation notes will be made available for order around April and the first print run of $100 production banknotes will be available at the end of 2019. RBAs Industry Engagement Hub

Important dates:

The Reserve Bank of Australia: Next Generation Banknotes 

  • The fifth denomination of the new series was the $100 and was released on the 29th of October 2020.
  • The fourth denomination of the new series was the $20 banknote and was released in October 2019.
  • The third denomination of the new series was the $50 banknote and was released in October 2018.
  • The second denomination of the new series was the $10 banknote and was released in September 2017.
  • The first denomination of the new series was the $5 banknote and was released on the 1st of September 2016. 


Asia Pacific Industry Position Paper: Calling for a mandate on cash transaction below $10,000(effective July 2020)


Some retailers have gone cashless, which denies members of the public the freedom to choose how they wish to pay for goods and services. Cash, as public money, is guaranteed as legal tender and yet cannot be used at these cashless retail outlets. In addition to being public money, cash is a back-up when systems fail or malfunction. With the recent introduction of a $10,000
limit on cash transactions in Australia, it is essential to secure the role of cash as a payment option for transactions below this amount. The ATM Industry Association proposes a mandate for cash as a payment option for in-person transactions below $10,000. To read the full paper click here.

ATMIA in conjunction with Cash Welcome continues our fight against a cashless society to ensure cash remains part of the Australian payment system.

Following months of building a board base support for the cash mandate, to protect the option to use cash at retail establishments, a petition is now open to members of the public to sign. This represents a new phase in the campaign to have cash-secured as a payment option for all citizens. ATMIA will continue to advocate strongly for a cash payment option in order to guarantee long-term security, stability and accessibility of the Australian payment system to all.

To sign the Cash petition click here

ATMIA will continue to reach out to numerous associations and organisations outside the ATM Industry to gain their support for a ban on cashless retail outlets, in order to keep payment choice alive.

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