Education - Advocacy - Connections
Education - Advocacy - Connections


ATMIA membership helps your business save time, money and resources through top-notch educational opportunities, premier advocacy services, meaningful connections and industry visibility. We are committed to helping you keep abreast of industry news and developments; increase knowledge and professionalism; improve operational efficiencies; understand and influence regulatory processes; participate in the local, regional and global ATM community; and forge new relationships to advance your business though comprehensive programs and services.

Tap into all things ATM with ATMIA membership. You’re sure to take your business to the next level!
MEMBERSHIP VALUE Regional Small Biz1
$500 USD
Regional Associate
$800 USD
Regional Board
$2,500 USD
Financial Institution
$2,500 USD
Global Associate2
$3,000 USD
Global Board3
$4,500 USD
Market Research            
Directory of ATMIA Approved Consultants            
Industry Calendar            
ATMIA Academy Certification & Training Discounts       +1 Free    
Event Presentations            
Government Relations Services            
Policy Formulation & Position Papers            
ATMIA Initiatives Introduced by 20+ Committees            
Pertinent Industry Group Representation            
U.S. Regulatory Monitoring Services & Alerts            
Canada Industry Advocacy Support            
European Advocacy Support            
Employee Access 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Employee Certificate & Website Badge            
Regional Events Discounts            
Global Events Discounts            
Downloadable Membership Database            
Membership Composition Report            
Member-to-Member Emails            
Committee & Social Media Participation            
Company Showroom with Leads & Statistics           3 Regions
Logo on Regional Communications           3 Regions
Regional Board Meeting Seats     Unlimited 1   3 Regions
Global Board Meeting Seats           1
White Papers on ATMIA Site with Leads & Statistics            
Newsletters on ATMIA Website and Social Media            
Website URL Link on ATMIA Website            
Profile Page on ATMIA Website            
Events on ATM Industry Calendar            
Job Openings on ATMIA Website            
Press Releases on ATMIA Website and Social Media            
Videos on ATM Tube            
Member of the Month Profile            

1 Companies with less than 10 employees
2 Includes membership and event discounts for all regions
3 Includes three regional board seats, plus associate membership in all other regions

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To see what our members love about ATMIA, we invite you to view our past membership videos on the ATMTube.

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