• Governance
    To help make the ATM channel an integral and important part of the digital banking transformation, the Governance Subcommittee will define and implement an inclusive and effective process to ensure that the outputs of all Next Gen ATM Subcommittees (1) support the three Governing Principles defined by the Consortium, (2) are properly structured, reviewed, finalized and adopted, and (3) are comprehensively and uniformly recorded, communicated, implemented and monitored on an ongoing basis.
  • Security
    In order to help ensure that the ATM channel is an integral and important part of the digital banking transformation, to foster industry best practices for ecosystem security for next generation ATMs, based on dimensions relevant to security as identified in analyzing the formal architectural model of the blueprint.
  • Customer Interface
    To interpret the blueprint from the point of view of the customer in terms of the five business operating scenarios, assessing the whole impact of the new ATM architecture for customers.
  • Standards and Technical
    To facilitate the evolution of a standard for global interoperability of the next generation ATM ecosystem, as outlined in ATMIA’s blueprint for an API App model for ATMs, in order to ensure the ATM can fully participate in the digital banking transformation, without restricting innovation or competitive differentiation, and without placing undue financial burdens on adherents of the standard, while addressing technical issues or obstacles through research, analysis and consensus.
  • PR & Communications
    To present the ATM in a positive light as undergoing a future-proofing exercise to stay relevant for the digital banking transformation, the subcommittee will foster key messages, for example about security and convenience, in promoting the blueprint for next generation ATMs to both the industry and in the public domain.

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