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Below are the most recent issues of ATMIA's Next Gen ATMs newsletter. The newsletter provides you with the most recent news and industry updates.

  • Next Gen ATMs Newsletter - December 2020

  • Next Gen ATMs Newsletter - September 2020

    The Future for Our Industry is Getting Closer

    The ATM industry stands at the threshold of a new era in which ATMs – and the services they can provide – will enjoy increased relevance, agility and competitiveness. This is because the world’s first certified Next Gen ATM could emerge within a matter of weeks.

    As we speak, the online self-certification system for certifying Next Gen ATMs, is being built and will be ready for testing and validation in October. The final review of the Next Gen architectural blueprint, before this milestone, takes place soon and will include feedback on the new draft standard XFS4IoT which will provide the low level API for Next Gen. In addition, we will have our own high level API to provide for rich app-based customer experiences at Next Gen ATMs, including faster, more seamless pre-staged transactions.

    Next Gen ATMs represent a complete reinvention of this fifty-year old technology and will position ATMs strongly for the coming Internet of Things with its high degree of interconnectivity. Next Gen ATMs will be financial services hubs providing easy access to cash in and cash out, as well as a range of digital services, including cryptocurrency buying and selling.

    The architecture is so flexible, with a fine balance between standard, vendor-agnostic interfaces and vendor-specific and deployer specific interfaces, that it can greatly expand ATM functionality in future. The Next Gen Business Case Toolkit demonstrates, in an industry sector-specific way, that there are numerous opportunities for cost-savings and new revenue generation built into the Next Gen ATM ecosystem.

    Given that the ATM industry is going to be in a state of migration for a few years, moving to W10 or Linux operating systems, and, when the sunset for WinCE arrives in 2023, to a new operating system for lower cost retail ATMs, it makes sense to migrate to the future architecture of the industry at the same time. ATMIA has scheduled a new Next Gen Proof of Concept for retail ATMs operated by IADs. It is part of the design of the architecture to give the ownership of the customer experience to ATM operators. There is something for everyone in the Next Gen ecosystem. No wonder 380 companies in 54 countries are participating in the reinvention of the ATM.

    The future for our industry is getting closer. Will you be part of it? It’s free to join so get in touch ASAP if you don’t yet have a plan to get onto the new technological Superhighway being built for the ATM Industry.

  • Next Gen ATMs Newsletter - June 2020

  • Next Gen ATMs Newsletter - March 2020

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