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Withdraw Cash Wednesday NEWSLETTER

Withdraw Cash Wednesday, ATM Industry Association’s (ATMIA) pro-cash campaign, is pleased to debut a monthly newsletter geared towards sharing positive cash news reaching more than 13,000 ATM industry readers per month.

Cash globally remains the most widely used and popular form of payment today. ATMIA’s goal with the Withdraw Cash Wednesday initiative is to communicate as an industry the many benefits of cash, while combating the negative press cash has received over the last few years to ensure consumers have cash as a payment choice for years to come.

  • Pro Cash Newsletter - June 2020

    Touch-screens in a post Coronavirus world
    This month's WCW Pro-Cash Newsletter featured article is from Promarc

    Touch screens, due to their nature, can accumulate many bacteria and other microbial life-forms. 80% of infections come from what we touch, smartphones carry 10 times the number of bacteria of most toilet seats, and researches done in the United Kingdom found feces on every McDonald’s kiosk tested and ATMs are not different. So, it makes sense that we would want to achieve a way to reduce that infection risk and make something that has become a large part of today’s life safer for all users. That is what Kastus is achieving and what we, Promarc, aim to help through distribution.


  • Pro Cash Newsletter - May 2020

    Cashway Fintech Co., Ltd Product Spotlight

    This month's WCW Pro-Cash Newsletter is sponsored by Cashway Fintech Co., Ltd

    As a financial technology enterprise, as well as a new high-tech enterprise and software enterprise, Cashway is dedicated to offering financial electronic products and solutions, integrated with the R&D, manufacture, marketing, operation, monitoring and relevant outsourcing services of banking self-service equipment. 

    Learn more about their products in this month's newsletter.

  • Pro Cash Newsletter - April 2020

    Now more than ever, Clean is essential.

    This month's WCW Pro-Cash Featured article is sponsored by KICTeam.

    ATMs are often the primary source of interaction customers have with their bank. Dirt build-up is the cause of downtime, process errors, and an overall poor customer experience.

    Why Clean?
    The majority of residue build-up inside a device is difficult to get to and can require disassembly in order to clean hard to reach areas. This build-up leads to card read errors, increased downtime, jamming and check imaging errors.

  • Pro Cash Newsletter - March 2020

  • Pro Cash Newsletter - February 2020

  • Pro Cash Newsletter - January 2020

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