TMD Security intros TMS ATM Software jackpotting solution

Friday, March 02, 2018

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Company: ATM Industry Association


TMD Security GMBH, a provider of ATM security solutions, has established TMS ATM Software in partnership with S3 Technologies Ltd., an APAC-based provider of management and monitoring software for all major brands of ATMs, cash deposit and recycling machines. TMS ATM Software protects against logical attacks involving malware or "black box" devices that are used to jackpot the ATM, a press release said.

TMS security management software detects unauthorized software or hardware changes with profile management. It blocks the use of nonapproved USB mass storage devices, controls Windows access to the ATM, and helps the operator securely manage BIOS passwords with access management.

A "one-look" dashboard allows deployers to see the status of all their ATMs, including security, and a mobile app helps to resolve issues fast while service personnel are on the move, reducing service call costs.

"The ATM industry needs a more cost-effective way to fully protect the ATM channel," said Cees Heuker of Hoek, founder of TMD Security and co-founder and CEO of TMS ATM Software. "Hardware alone is not enough anymore. It takes a combination of the best hardware and software to design security solutions that help ATM deployers cost effectively secure their ATMs. Our TMD Security credentials together with the proven expertise of TMS ATM Software mean that our customers and partners will get the best of both worlds. … With flexible software-as-a-service pricing, customers can be confident that they only pay for what they need."

"TMD Security chose this partnership to build a new global software company because of our software excellence," said Stanley Teo, co-founder of TMS ATM Software and CEO of S3 Technologies Ltd. "Our flexibility in customizing and delivering specific solutions for our customers is based on more than a decade of ATM industry experience. Our software has helped customers in APAC to reduce their operational costs, improve ATM availability and deliver the best customer service, despite tight budgets and low network bandwidth challenges — no matter which ATM vendor they choose."

TMS ATM Software is headquartered in the Netherlands, with R&D in APAC and sales and support worldwide, according to a press release.

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