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Purchase Reports

The following reports are available for download/purchase from ATMIA. ATMIA members receive many reports for free or at a substantial discount as a benefit of their membership. If you are interested in becoming a member please contact membership@atmia.com.

Report Member Non-member
2018 EMV Migration Survey
  • This survey assesses how complete the EMV migration was in the ATM channel.  It also summarizes feedback on what challenges ATM operators face in a post-migration environment and how they will plan for future technology. 
Free Summary Only

White Paper on Dual Migration to Windows 10 and Next Gen ATM Architecture

  • This paper expertly and sensitively analyzes the convergences of these two industry-wide migrations and assesses the potential for combining the two into one strategy, one a cost and the other an investment in the long-term future of our ATM technology.
$150.00 $300.00

Offences Involving ATMs: Insights into How Offenders See ATMs as Targets

  • This new criminological study of ATM crime today offers the industry a unique perspective – the view from the bottom; that is, what ATM criminals themselves think when they plan their attacks on ATMs. 
$125.00 $600.00

Introduction to BitCoin ATMs

  • This complete analysis offers the history of BitCoin, how the currency works, recent controversies, the evolving regulatory landscape, and the expanding role of BitCoin ATMs.
Free $195.00

BitCoin: Virtual Currency with Real Opportunities

  • This report presents a history and comprehensive international analysis of BitCoin, while at the same time showing how virtual currencies and ATM systems can interface for their mutual benefit
Free $195.00

ATM OS Migration Cost Model for Deployers

  • This model looks at the most optimal approach for the industry when support for Windows 7 OS ends a few years from now. It compares four different migration scenarios that allows ATM operators to compare the costs of different upgrade options depending on factors like number of ATMs and the risk levels.
Free $650.00

Cloud Based ATMs

  • This report will help operators understand the window of opportunity for their ATMs by lowering the Total Cost of Ownership through the Cloud, possible future applications in our industry, impact on future OS upgrades and migrations, increased ability to connect to non-banking applications and new deployment potentials arising from a more flexible, modular approach to ATM architecture.
Free $100.00

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