ATM OS Migration Cost Model for Deployers

ATMIA has today announced the release of a new migration cost model for ATM deployers to use as a tool to calculate costs of different migration strategies to new operating systems.

“End-of-support of Windows XP is a critical challenge to the ATM industry,” explained author Francesco Burelli, partner at Innovalue Management Advisors and winner of the association’s 2014 International Consultant of the Year Award. “Given the hardware and software implications, the industry is faced with a sizable upgrade challenge both in financial and logistical terms.”

The model was developed in conjunction with leading banks and a team of experts drawn from ATMIA’s various 2020 committees looking at the most optimal approach for the industry when support for Windows 7 OS ends a few years from now.

“ATM operators are faced with the on-going challenge of deciding on their best approach to future migrations,” Burelli commented. “Our industry model offers the ability to compare four different migration scenarios from a financial perspective, based on a bank’s typical cost drivers. ATM operators can compare the costs of different upgrade options depending on factors like number of ATMs and the risk levels. Even the pre-populated baseline data is leveragable by ATM Operators straight away and offers a realistic and valuable benchmark.”

“This intensive study of the costs of migrating ATMs to a new operating system brutally exposes the fallacy we sometimes comes across in our industry that doing nothing when support for the existing OS ends is fine,” added Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “It’s definitely not fine, but highly risky. I urge all ATM deployers to read and use this superbly benchmarked new model as a planning tool to prepare for ongoing and future OS migrations.”

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