ATMIA Educational Scholarship Program Sponsored by TransNational ATM

Friday, September 21, 2018

by TransNational ATM Corp.

The world’s first ATM was installed 51 years ago, in 1967, in London. Since then the ATM industry has advanced and revolutionized financial services, directly impacting the lives of a vast majority of people worldwide.

As part of the ATM industry, we want to promote the growth and usage of ATMs and the industry as a whole; it is because of this that we are NOT in competition with our clients. We strongly believe in advocacy for the betterment of the ATM industry. Education of prospects and clients supports our tenet of integrity.

Part of the philosophy of TransNational ATM is that we take pride in the education of our prospects and clients. We want you to understand the industry and make sound decisions that allow you to stay in this business for many years. We share what we know.

That is why TransNational ATM has paired with ATMIA and Triton's ATMGurus to sponsor the 2019 ATMIA Educational Scholarship Program. The intent of this award is to further the selected candidate’s education of the ATM industry and to support his/her employment in the ATM industry. The scholarship is awarded based on the philosophy of TransNational ATM: education of others, advocacy for the betterment of ATM operators, growth of our company with integrity, and joy getting to know the stakeholders in our industry.

For more information and news related to the ATM industry, please visit If you are interested in the ATMIA Educational Scholarship Program, read more about it and/or submit your application here:

ATMIA Educational Scholarship Program Details & Application

We are proud to be a sponsor of this educational opportunity and excited to meet the selected candidate. Good luck to you all!

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