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Breaking News: Steve Rathgaber, Cardtronics CEO, will make a Keynote Address at ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017!

Friday, November 04, 2016

by Deborah Smyth

Cardtronics operate around 200,000 ATMs globally, the largest estate of ATMs on the planet.

So CEO Steve Rathgaber is an extremely busy man, who is very careful about how he spends his time.

However, Steve had no hesitation in putting an indelible entry in his diary for 2017. "London.13/14 June. ATM & Cash Innovation Europe". Yes, the Flagship Event of ATMIA Europe is that big a deal to the world's leading ATM operator.

We asked Steve to put in his own words what he feels about this event.  He was very happy to do so.  

" I am delighted to support this flagship European ATMIA event" confirmed Rathgaber "Europe is the fastest growing region of the ATMIA and one of Cardtronics key focus areas, so it is particularly pleasing to be able to speak to the truly global audience that will gather in London in June 2017".


Steve Rathgaber joins Bill Nuti, President, CEO and Chairman of NCR, on the list of Keynote Speakers at this landmark ATMIA Conference.


Ron Delnevo, the ATMIA European Executive Director, hails the commitment of another industry "Big Hitter" to ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017.


"It doesn't get much better than this" enthuses Ron " Bill first and now Steve have signaled the importance of an ATMIA event with truly global reach. They will be joined by over 30 other leading speakers from around the planet, people who can pass on invaluable insights in relation to every facet of our vital and highly innovative industry".


Ron Delnevo is also delighted with the comments of Steve Rathgaber on the growth of ATMIA Europe. Ron noted "I am particularly gratified that my efforts and the efforts of other members of the European Team have been recognised in this way. In two years, ATMIA Europe has been transformed. As ever, more remains to be done, but progress has been excellent and will continue in 2017 and beyond".


More information on ATM & Cash Innovation Europe 2017 can be found here.



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