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Bridging the Digital Gap for ATMs Using KAL's Kalignite Terminal Handler

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

by KAL

Bridging the digital gap for ATMs using the Kalignite Terminal Handler 

While mobile and internet banking applications are advancing rapidly, ATM functionality is falling behind. ATM Host or “authorization” systems to which ATMs are connected can be very limited in the functionality they support, leaving ATMs with limited transaction capability and restricted flexibility.

Now there is a new way for banks to bridge the digital gap – Kalignite Terminal Handler (KTH). In this webinar, KAL would like to share with you how banks can use KTH to:

  • Deliver full device acquiring and handling functionality using very cost-effective technology 
  • Interconnect ATMs to all types of bank back-end servers including the legacy ATM Host system and provide innovative ATM services
  • Segment customer transaction processing activity and significantly reduce 3rd party transaction handling charges

Don't miss out on this indispensable discussion on connecting your ATM estate to all of your banking services.

Cost: The webinar is free for ATMIA members; $95 for non-members. Register today to secure your place.

Introduced and chaired by: Ron Delnevo, Executive Director Europe, ATMIA.


Event details

Wednesday 12th July, 9am CDT - 10am EDT - 3pm BST


Aravinda Korala, Chief Executive Officer at KAL

Steve Hensley, Executive Vice President for Global Sales at KAL

Kalignite Software - Driving Innovation

KAL ATM Software, Sunnyside, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH7 5RA
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