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About Atmia

CashFlows - On A Mission To Maximise Payment Acceptance!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

by CashFlows

CashFlows’ mission is to maximise payment acceptance for our customers and partners.  Our portfolio includes e-commerce acquiring, prepaid card issuance as well as BIN sponsorship. These are all driven by our principal memberships of all major card schemes, and FCA regulation as an electronic money institution.

CashFlows began life as Voice Commerce in 2003, a company with a bold vision for biometric payments. The company as we know it today started in 2010 when we were granted principal memberships of Visa and Mastercard, and began building an acquiring platform to process online payments.  

Around this time our ATM sponsorship offering was born as a low-cost, high-value alternative to joining a card scheme. We allow companies to piggyback on our memberships and increase acceptance for their ATMs, whilst saving them the time, cost and effort of direct scheme membership and compliance. We haven’t looked back since.

We settled more than £1.7 billion in 2016 from around 35,000 ATMs and have become a market leader in Europe. We are retained by many of the largest independent ATM deployers (IADs) in Europe as well as the leading transaction processor in the UK to be their principal ATM sponsor.

A lot has changed since 2003, but we’ve maintained the same relationship-focused approach. We are flexible and tailor our services to fit the needs of our customers and partners. Our agile, customer focused approach enables us to rapidly deliver product enhancements and new functionality.

As well as continuing with ATM sponsorship, we want to expand our BIN sponsorship model for card issuing and acquiring. We are looking to increase our geographical reach throughout Europe and beyond.  

Want to know more about CashFlows?

Visit our website at www.cashflows.com


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