Coronavirus and ATMs: Updates and Messages

Welcome to this page for fact-based messages about how the coronavirus pandemic affects us and our industry. ATMIA is here for you and for all ATMs throughout the world. You are constantly in our thoughts. Please stay safe.

ATM Industry Association statements on coronavirus

Listen now: Is a cashless society a better society? 
Letter from UK MP's to Chancellor requesting return to cost-based LINK interchange.
Next Payments Survey: Market Research - Payment Preferences Results

Cash in the time of COVID - Bank of England

ATMIA Members, please visit the Market Research Library for additional documents and resources related to coronavirus.

Graphics for use by ATM businesses during New Coronavirus Pandemic.

Graphics are free to use by all ATM businesses, click on the manufacturer/graphic size to download:

International Responses by Central Banks and Authorities to Cash in the Crisis:

Other CBs or institutions just made comments to the media such as:


Do these five simple things to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19)

HANDS: Wash them often
ELBOW: Cough into it
FACE: Don’t touch it
FEET: Stay more than 6ft (2m) apart
FEEL: Sick? Stay home

Cash and ATMs are as safe as Credit Cards, Mobile Phones and Doorknobs.


With thanks to James Shepherd-Barron ([email protected]), son of the inventor of the ATM, for providing this great graphic.

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