Don't Miss Your Chance To Win! 🏆 - September 19, 2022

Don't Miss Your Chance To Win! 🏆

Monday, September 19, 2022

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Company: ATM Industry Association

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The Second Annual
Peter Kulik Innovation Award
Open for Submissions!

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is pleased to invite you and your business to participate in the  second annual Peter Kulik Innovation Award!
The annual Peter Kulik Innovation Award celebrates innovations in the global ATM industry. This ATMIA award recognizes a new way of using technology that improves the way the ATM industry works by solving an important industry problem, improving the security of the ATM ecosystem, or enhancing the user experience at ATMs.
Award Criteria:
  • Effectiveness: Addresses an important industry problem with the potential to deliver measurable results.
  • Reach: Works for many ATMs, benefits multiple stakeholders, and is usable in various markets. Inspires further innovation across a range of potential applications.
  • Visibility: Enhances the role of ATMs for consumers in payments and banking.
Click here to submit your entry by November 4, 2022

Kind Regards,

Lonnie Talbert

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