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G-Money Out In January

Friday, December 06, 2019

by GCB Bank Limited

GCB Bank Limited today announced a roadmap to roll out its telco agnostic mobile money service and wallet.

Approved last week by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) the GCB mobile wallet dubbed “G-Money” will be available to GCB and non-GCB Bank customers.

The service will enable customers to send and receive money, buy goods, pay for services and move funds within the financial ecosystem.


Speaking at a news conference in Accra today to throw light on the BOG approval for GCB to create electronic value backed by equivalent cash, the Managing Director of the GCB, Mr Anselm Ray Sowah, said G-Money affords customers a variety of financial and micro financial services at competitive rates.

He said customers could save and borrow money using their G-Money accounts and to drive financial inclusion for the unbanked.


Flanked by his two Deputy MDs; Mr Samuel Amankwah (Operations) and Mr Socrates Afram (Finance), Mr Sowah signaled that “we will roll out the service fully in January 2020.

G-Money affords customers the freedom to perform transactions regardless of their mobile network operator. The service also allows customers to save and borrow money using their wallet”, he explained.

Mr Amankwah on his part, said G-Money is the first step in the customer’s journey to opening and operating a GCB bank account.

Mr Afram described the Bank’s venture as a proactive one in response to the changing phase of banking.


G-Money is the first of its kind to be operated by any bank in Ghana; it allows individuals and businesses to use their mobile phones or Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) to store money in the form of electronic money or value for transactions.

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