Launching CashTech Innovation Awards - August 01, 2022

Launching CashTech Innovation Awards

Monday, August 01, 2022

by CashEssentials

CashEssentials announces the launch of the CashTech Innovation Awards. The awards will recognize innovations that will facilitate access to cash, the acceptance of cash as well the enhancing the overall efficiency and sustainability of cash.

CashTech is the encounter of cash and technology. It brings together innovative companies who leverage software and modern communications technology to improve cash services: access to cash; acceptance of cash; and the efficiency of the cash cycle for all stakeholders. As banks reduce their cash infrastructure (branches, ATMs and cash centres) in most advanced economies, CashTech has moved quickly into the open lane. Increasingly, it appears as a compelling addition and complement to traditional channels for the distribution and circulation of cash. Other innovators are enabling consumers to pay in cash, including for their online shopping. Ride hailing apps across the globe have also been increasing their acceptance of cash.

CashTech isolates pain points in the cash cycle and offers solutions to make it sustainable going forward. Innovation contributes to the long-term tenability of cash amid stiff competition from alternative payment options, by increasing access, acceptance and resilience and lowering costs.

The CashTech Innovation Awards aim to recognize innovations that improve access to cash for consumers and businesses; facililate the acceptance of cash by retailers, across all channels; enhance the overall efficiency, resilience and sustainability of cash.

There will be three distinct categories.

  • Best CashTech is open to all and organisations.
  • Best CashTech Innovator is open to start-ups and companies founded after 2015.
  • Best CashTech Start-Up is open to start-ups companies founded after 2019.

The Awards Ceremony will be held during the Future of Cash Conference in Madrid on 15 September 2022.

CashEssentials - is a global, independent think tank, whose mission is to monitor ongoing developments and undertake research and analysis on cash and its future, while providing a platform for balanced inquiry and debate about cash, payments and monetary systems, for the benefit, viability and well-being of all. 

Entries may be submitted here:

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