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MB WAY CHALLENGE "will challenge app users to win prizes

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

by SIBS - Forward Payment Solutions S.A.

"MB WAY CHALLENGE UNIVERSITIES" is the first of three initiatives that SIBS will launch this year to encourage diverse users to experience MB WAY. The first challenge, aimed at university users, starts today and ends on March 31. The Student / Academic Association with the largest MB WAY transfer network receives a prize of € 5,000.00 for your party, which will be endorsed as "Powered by MB WAY". This action is then replicated in a business environment. The third challenge will be addressed to all current and potential users of MB WAY.

There are 15 colleges in competition at "MB WAY CHALLENGE UNIVERSITIES." The mechanics of the challenge are very simple: Associations should challenge students, friends and family to make a MB WAY transfer (of any value, including a cent, because the amount does not Relevance to participation) to create the "largest network of users", ie the prize of five thousand euros will be awarded to the Association that makes the largest number of MB WAY transfers to different mobile numbers. Users identify the network by placing the hashtag (#) of their faculty in the "Message" field when they make the transfer (ex. # TECHNICAL, #ISCTE).

During the period of the challenge, a MB WAY team will be present at the various participating colleges to promote action together with the various Associations. Everyone will be able to follow the actions of "MB WAY CHALLENGE UNIVERSITIES" (photographs, videos, regulation, etc.) at www.mbway.pt or @mbwaymbnet .

The Student / Academic Association winner of the "MB WAY CHALLENGE UNIVERSITIES" will be known from April 3 to 14, 2017.

With this challenge, SIBS intends to demonstrate to participants that making transfers with MB WAY is as simple as sending an SMS: no need for NIB / IBAN (just know the recipient's mobile phone number) and the amount is immediately available in the Even between different banks.

The mechanics of this competition will then be replicated in the second challenge called "MB WAY CHALLENGE COMPANIES", where employees from various entities invited by SIBS will be able to demonstrate that their spirit of unity and team is so strong that it allows them to create the greatest MB WAY transfer network. The mechanics of the action are the same used in the universities challenge, changing only the hashtag (#) that will have the name of each company.

The last of the three challenges will be incorporated into the MB WAY application itself and aims to reward the most active users.

MB WAY is MULTIBANCO on the mobile phone and the most modern and complete mobile payment service in Portugal. It currently has more than 185,000 users who can make purchases (physical and online), instant transfers and generate MB NET cards to make purchases on national and international websites that accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa brands.

List of colleges and their hashtags:

Hashtag Entity 
School of Engineering | University of Minho #EEUM 
Faculty of Sciences | University of Beira Interior #UBI 
Faculty of Arts and Letters | University of Beira Interior 
Faculty of Engineering | University of Beira Interior 
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas | University of Beira Interior 
Faculty of Health Sciences | University of Beira Interior 
Faculdade de Ciências | University of Porto #FCUP 
Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão | University of Lisbon #ISEG 
Instituto Superior Técnico | University of Lisbon #TECNICO 
Faculty of Human Motricity | University of Lisbon #FMH 
School of Social Communication | IPL #ESCS 
School of Management (IBS - ISCTE Business School) | 
ISCTE- IUL #ISCTE School of Technology and Architecture | ISCTE- IUL 
School of Social and Human Sciences | ISCTE- IUL 
School of Sociology and Public Policy

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