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Mearthane Products Corporation Salutes ATMIA on 20 Years Representing the Global ATM Industry

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

by Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC)

Cranston, RI, February 14, 2017 – As a relatively new member of ATMIA, Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC) salutes the trade association that has worked on behalf of the global ATM industry for the past 20 years. ATMIA, founded in 1967, represents the global ATM industry serving over 8,000 members from over 650 international companies, based in 65 countries.

Representatives from MPC will be in attendance in this week for ATMIA’s annual conference at the Loew’s Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Orlando.   

MPC, in business since 1965, is a Rhode Island based developer and manufacturer of custom polyurethane based components. MPC’s specialty is expertise in developing urethane-based materials to enhance physical properties such as resilience, hardness, wear resistance, coefficient of friction (CoF) and especially electrical conductivity and electrostatic dissipation for critical internal machine components like belts, wheels and rollers and drums.

In recent years, and in response to the enormous worldwide growth of what’s termed “self-service machines,” - everything from Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to transportation and parking kiosk ticketing machines - MPC has become a leading developer and manufacturer of customized components based on specially formulated thermoset polyurethanes for banking machine and other currency and document handling applications.

MPC has developed a white paper on “Supplying customized urethane components for ATM/Kiosk machines,” which discusses the function and challenges of moving components inside ATM and other self-service machines involving credit cards and cash dispensing. This white paper can be found on the ATMIA website: http://bit.ly/2dLgufB

About MPC
Founded in 1965 as Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC) and located in Cranston, Rhode Island, USA, today’s MPC is a specialty developer and manufacturer of customized polyurethane components featuring precise control of physical properties to serve a wide range of industrial applications. MPC’s flexible USA manufacturing facility can produce from a prototypes to hundreds of thousands of parts for customers worldwide. They can be reached at www.mearthane.com.

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