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Members of gang who botched cash machine raid branded with chemical - which will stay on their skin for up to FIVE YEARS

Thursday, December 12, 2019

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by Spinnaker International Ltd


The aftermath of the failed ATM raid at the Co-op in Maple Road, Brooklands, near Sale.

Members of a gang who botched a cash machine raid have been branded with a chemical - which will stay on their skin for up to FIVE YEARS.

The three thieves broke into the Co-op store in Maple Road, Brooklands, near Sale, early on Friday.

They attached a chain to their getaway vehicle and dragged the machine out of the shop.

But the raid failed and left them marked men.

As they smashed the machine, built-in security mechanisms fitted by ATM operator, Cardtronics, were triggered.

Ink was released within the safe, staining all the notes inside with an indelible dye.

The thieves dumped the cash, which had been rendered useless. 

The machine also sprayed the men with forensic DNA markers - an invisible gel.

The smashed front of the Co-op store in Maple Road, Brooklands, after a gang lasooed an ATM machine with a chain and pulled it out of the shop using a car. They escsaped empty handed after in-built security system triggered a dye.

It will shine under ultra violet light for up to five years. Criminals tagged with the technology are convicted in 100 per cent of cases.

Greater Manchester Police said the raid took place at 12.30am.

No arrests have been made.

The same store was the target of a previous raid, in which a hole in the wall cash machine was blown up. As a result of that the Co-op moved the ATM inside the premises.

Dye which was triggered during the ATM raid at the Co-op store in Maple Road, Brooklands, - rendering cash unusable.

Anyone with information is asked to contact GMP on 0161 856 6018, quoting crime reference number 94/06/12/19.

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