Operational Security Solutions (OSS) Further Digitizes its Cash Logistics Offering with Morphis, Inc.; Adding SmartSafe and ATM Solutions - April 04, 2024

Operational Security Solutions (OSS) Further Digitizes its Cash Logistics Offering with Morphis, Inc.; Adding SmartSafe and ATM Solutions

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Company: Morphis Inc.

Operational Security Solutions (“OSS”), a premier provider of full-spectrum risk management services specializing in secure cash management and logistics, compliance, security consulting, and facility hardening, announced today the further digitization of its renowned cash management offerings through a partnership with global currency supply chain management software Morphis, Inc. Through the integration of the Morphis platform, OSS customers and financial institution partners now have 24/7 access to digital reporting and forecasting tools related to their cash logistics, including online reordering and real-time monitoring. 

Building upon OSS’s legacy of unparalleled success in cash logistics, where it holds a zero-loss record of moving more than $5 billion in cash for customers and financial institutions, the expanded relationship with Morphis’ further revolutionizes the Company’s service offering through state-of-the-art digitization. Following the announcement of its web portal offering, OSS has now worked with Morphis’ to integrate the digital platform into all aspects of its cash logistics services

including its SmartSafe program, provisional crediting system (where available), and ATM servicing. All through one simple to use dashboard, customers of OSS are given full transparency into their cash logistics. Customers can request cash pickups or reorder more cash at any time, download

real-time reports, and using and AI-based predictive model, forecast their vault balances and estimate/prepare for shipments in or out with significantly increased accuracy. Long gone are the days of waiting 24 to 48 to obtain this type of information. Additionally, the ATM cash forecasting tool allows operators and financial institutions to more accurately predict the amount of cash needed, eliminating costly standing orders and residuals.

“In our mission to exceed customer expectations, embracing digital transformation was not only inevitable but crucial,” said Scott Solomon, Chief Executive Officer of Operational Security Solutions. “We understand that transparency and visibility into the movement and subsequent posting of our customers’ cash is an imperative part of our business and the Morphis solution offers a great tool to address these needs. Through this further integration into our system, we are now able to offer both financial institutions and businesses a user-friendly, digital window into their cash logistics with all of the insights and reporting functionality we’ve become accustomed too with similar digital banking solutions. Additionally, the predictive functionality built into the system will greatly improve efficiency across the logistical supply chain, creating cost savings and more accurate reporting planning than previously possible.”

“The collaboration between Operational Security Solutions and Morphis, Inc. epitomizes the synergy of expertise and innovation in the realm of cashflow protection and logistics,” said Alif Rahman, President of Morphis, Inc., “With OSS specializing in comprehensive cashflow protection and logistics solutions, complemented by Morphis's cutting-edge payment systems and global currency supply chain management software, this partnership sets a new standard for efficiency and security in enterprise cash management.

Together, they combine specialized knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to deliver robust, on-demand analytics and fulfillment logistics, ensuring the highest level of security and efficiency for their clients worldwide."

“We have piloted this program with key clients and are already seeing extremely positive reception, with one FI commenting ‘it’s like Christmas!’ We could not be more excited by this reaction and to share the solution with customers and partners nationwide,” added Solomon. In addition to OSS’s traditional cash-in-transit services, OSS has recently expanded its core product portfolio to include SmartSafe solutions as well as ATM service and support. SmartSafe’s are an innovative way to protect cash, provide accurate reporting of cash balances, and create a bridge to financial institutions and other organizations which provide provisional credit opportunities. OSS has partnered with a leading SmartSafe supplier and is now offering full SmartSafe integration solutions including equipment procurement, installation and training to businesses and financial institution partners nationwide.

About Operational Security Solutions
Operational Security Solutions (OSS) was assembled in 2017 by professionals that have spent their previous careers in law enforcement, federal service, and military special operations -- but have now founded a security and risk management company that supports compliant relationships with financial institutions and their high- risk and cash-intensive clientele.

About Morphis Inc.
Morphis was founded in 1999 and has become the world’s leading supplier of payment systems and currency supply chain management software. Central banks, depository institutions, card issuers, armored carrier companies, and many other companies in the consumer financial services sector use Morphis products daily. By utilizing proprietary technology, Morphis is able to provide cutting edge, on-demand analytics and fulfillment logistics, delivering efficient, robust solutions for enterprise cash management. Their software suite includes a customer relationship management platform; applications for cash forecasting, logistics optimization, and financial reporting; and tools for managing assets,

vendors, contracts, and service tickets. Their customers have a choice of on-site licensing or SaaS licensing, ideal for larger clients, and web-based applications for small businesses.

To learn more about Morphis and the services they offer for cash-in-transit and similar businesses, visit them on the web at www.morphisinc.com, or contact Debra Miller, Executive Vice President of Sales and Product Management, at (850) 602-1681, or via email at [email protected]

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